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July 7, 2000
Re "Sometimes 'Coercion' Is a Virtue," editorial, June 30: I wish to express my deep concern about The Times' support for the proposed bill AB 1800. It is a dangerous law that would mandate forced psychiatric treatment for any California citizen, under the weakest of legal pretenses. This proposed law is an affront to the fundamental right of an individual to make his or her own choices regarding health care. If AB 1800 is passed, even petty disputes between neighbors could result in one or both of them being forcibly incarcerated for psychiatric "evaluation" and involuntary drugging.
May 24, 1994
Pornographic news racks will never appear in Simi Valley again due to the signing of AB 17 by Gov. Wilson. Four years ago, I participated in an effort to stop pornographic news racks in Simi Valley, which proliferated around town like a cancer. After several hundred people went to the City Council, the city acted to get rid of these news racks. A couple of years later, summer of 1992, some news racks came back, and again we organized to get rid of them. And we did. The fight is now over.
July 8, 2002
You are right in calling AB 2958 a shameful outrage, but you glossed over another disturbing fact ("Pull In Phone Monopoly... ," editorial, July 1). When it came time for the Assembly to vote, only one member, Rod Pacheco (R-Riverside), wondered about the validity of a bill that is backed by SBC Communications--which, we found, underreported its net income by $2 billion between 1997 and 1999 alone (that translates to $350 million due to customers under profit-sharing)--and is opposed by numerous consumer groups throughout the state.
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