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Abortion Clinics

January 2, 1997 | From Associated Press
Two firebombs were thrown at an abortion clinic Wednesday, causing minor smoke and fire damage. No one was inside the building, which was closed for the New Year's holiday. One of the bombs broke through a window and started a small fire. The second started a grass fire outside, said Sherri Finik, director of the Reproductive Services Clinic. The bombs set off smoke detectors, bringing firefighters to the scene.
June 16, 1992 | Associated Press
A Wisconsin court late Monday barred abortion opponents from staging protests in Milwaukee similar to the demonstrations that led to more than 2,600 arrests outside abortion clinics in Wichita, Kan., last summer. The protesters said they would block Milwaukee's abortion clinics anyway. "We don't need to ask the state's permission to do acts of righteousness," said the Rev. Matthew Trewhella, head of Missionaries of the Preborn.
April 16, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill that would have imposed new regulations on abortion clinics, saying such matters should be left to medical professionals. The measure would have required the clinics to obtain an annual license from the Department of Health and Environment, hire surgeons as their medical directors and report patient deaths to the state within a day.
August 21, 1994 | Reuters
Ku Klux Klansmen plan to demonstrate at abortion clinics in Pensacola within the next month, a spokesman for the group said Saturday. The group plans to picket against abortion and the use of federal marshals to guard the clinics. "I really see no purpose it (using marshals) serves except to intimidate," said John Baumgardner, a klan member and former leader, or grand dragon, of the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. No date was set for the Pensacola protest.
January 13, 1985 | From Times Wire Services
In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the United States, a Catholic bishop has obtained a court order blocking abortion procedures by an organization that had received licenses to perform such operations. The New York State Health Department on Friday had given permission to Planned Parenthood to start performing abortions at its two clinics in Albany, citing an unmet need in the area for out-of-hospital abortion services.
April 4, 1985 | ROBERT L. JACKSON, Times Staff Writer
In a shift from its past practice of declining to investigate violence at abortion clinics, the Justice Department disclosed Wednesday that it is looking into an incident in which an off-duty policeman allegedly pushed and injured a woman last month while he was picketing an abortion clinic in Brooklyn. But Justice Department spokesman John Wilson said the investigation does not represent a change of departmental policy.
April 26, 1987 | JANICE MALL
According to polls, most Americans support the legal right of women to choose abortion and deplore the harassment and violence that has been directed at abortion clinics and their patients. Nevertheless, a recent national survey of abortion providers has found that anti-abortion activities in the United States are widespread and frequent, take many forms, and have increased in the mid-1980s.
February 22, 1997 | Associated Press
With a Supreme Court ruling on their side, antiabortion demonstrators moved closer to patients entering a women's clinic Friday. About 15 antiabortion advocates milled around outside Buffalo GYN Womenservices, holding signs and carrying brochures they tried to hand to women entering the building. Some prayed and sang hymns. Ten abortion rights advocates walked people into the clinic. They wore yellow vests with the words "clinic escort" emblazoned on them in black.
January 20, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
An abortion clinic that was firebombed on New Year's Day was again struck by two bombs that caused minor damage, authorities said. No injuries were reported. The Reproductive Services clinic in Tulsa, Okla., was closed at the time of the afternoon blasts. Authorities searched the building and found no more bombs. On New Year's Day, two firebombs thrown at the clinic caused minor smoke and fire damage. No one was inside.
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