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Academic Senate

October 3, 1992 | ANNA CEKOLA
Saddleback Community College District Chancellor Richard Sneed and the Saddleback College Academic Senate have taken a step toward opening communications to try to ease pent-up tensions of the last several months. In late August, the Academic Senate sent a four-page "Vote of No Confidence in the Chancellor" report to Sneed, backing up in writing a unanimous verbal vote of no confidence taken by the college's 22 senators last April.
April 7, 1996
As colleagues of Prof. Julian Foster, I and some other senior members of Cal State Fullerton's political science department find it regrettable that at no point in your coverage of the Keary Johns case ("$35,000 Settlement in College Swatting Suit," March 30, and earlier) have you ever acknowledged Prof. Foster's exceptionally distinguished career at Cal State Fullerton. An outstanding professor of political science, he won the high regard of students and faculty alike. His colleagues demonstrated this regard by twice electing him department chair, three times to chair the university's Academic Senate and once to serve on the systemwide Academic Senate of the California State University system.
February 11, 2014 | By Carla Rivera
About 75 Cal State Los Angeles students and faculty showed up at a meeting Tuesday of the Academic Senate to demand that a course in ethnic studies be a requirement for graduation. Supporters argued that the courses are important in developing critical thinking and ensuring that the curriculum includes perspectives from all cultures.  The courses can also help students better relate to one another, especially in racially and ethnically diverse Los Angeles, said Jelani Hendrix, 23, a Pan-African studies major who addressed the senate.
July 10, 1986 | BARBARA BAIRD, Times Staff Writer
A major reorganization designed to improve Santa Monica College administratively and academically has been approved unanimously by the school's Board of Trustees. The reorganization plan, endorsed by faculty leaders, will increase the college's four academic divisions to six. This structure will be workable "not only from an administrative point of view, but also from an academic one," said Darroch Young, who was appointed acting assistant superintendent for education at Monday's meeting.
November 21, 1988
Student demands for changes in college courses are increasingly complex, and the right responses are more difficult to formulate. Nowhere is this more striking than in a debate at the University of California at Berkeley over whether all students should be required to take a course focusing on the contributions of minorities to American culture. Like many other American universities today, UC Berkeley offers a range of academic courses of special interest to ethnic minorities.
April 29, 1990
It often takes someone who has thought long and deeply about social problems to set things in perspective. Certainly the chairman of the Academic Senate at Cal State Fullerton, who happens to be a sociologist, is right: We are making entirely too much of the latest outbreak of boyish high spirits among members of the Fullerton football team. It is unfair to imagine that something might be wrong with Fullerton's program simply because its members have repeatedly been involved in violent incidents, including one that resulted in someone being beaten to death, just as it is wrong to wonder about football programs across the country simply because football players seem to be arrested more often than other students for assaults on women, thefts of various kinds, selling drugs and other pranks.
June 17, 1992
It seems inconceivable that the leaders of the state of California are considering dismantling the California State University system. Your coverage in recent days vividly illustrates how desperately we need agreement in Sacramento on a budget solution, not on service cuts. We need a solution that minimizes any cuts to the CSU--in no event more than $100 million. Additionally, we need legislative approval of the proposed 40% student fee increase and of the early retirement incentive legislation, AB 1522.
February 21, 1993
Profs. (Joie Pierce) Jones and (Richard E.) MacMillen left out several key facts in their opinion article Feb. 15 ("Academics, Industry a Costly Blend") attacking the decision of the UC regents to sell 25 acres of UC Irvine land for San Joaquin Hills Corridor right of way. First, UCI's own master plan acknowledges that the corridor must be built if the campus is to grow to serve future students and accommodate a campus research park that will produce revenues for the university system.
April 29, 1987 | MARK LANDSBAUM, Times Staff Writer
Saying an instructor had been a victim of "governmental abuse," the Rancho Santiago College Academic Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to ask the U.S. attorney's office to investigate the audiotape recording of a lecture that ended up in the possession of an Orange County Sheriff's Department intelligence officer.
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