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July 22, 1998 | From Associated Press
Chinese gymnast Sang Lan was paralyzed Tuesday after damaging her spine in warm-ups for the women's vault in the Goodwill Games. "At this time, she is paralyzed and cannot move her legs and she has a minimal amount of motion in her arms," said Dr. Brock Schnebel, chief physician of the Goodwill Games. Officials said Sang, 17, injured her neck while attempting a forward vault in warm-ups and lost control in midair, striking the ground head first.
September 12, 1988 | EARL GUSTKEY, Times Staff Writer
Los Angeles, 1984. Lingering images: --Gymnast Mary Lou Retton's explosive joy, and that world-class smile. --Oddball swimmer Rick Carey's implosive joy. He wins a gold medal and then mopes because he failed to break a world record. --U.S. wrestler Jeff Blatnick, a cancer patient, wins a Greco-Roman gold medal, breaks down during a TV interview and says: "I'm one happy dude." --U.S.
April 7, 1999 | LONNIE WHITE
Rather than risk tearing one of his Achilles' tendons, power forward Maurice Taylor did not dress against Phoenix on Tuesday night, missing his second game in a row. Taylor's injury is bilateral Achilles' tendinitis and he is listed as day to day. He has been playing with the injury since the Clippers played at Seattle on March 14. "Basically, I'm not going to rush it," said Taylor, the Clippers' leading scorer at 16 points a game.
September 26, 1999
In the story of Patroclus no one survives, not even Achilles who was nearly a god. Patroclus resemble him; they wore the same armor. Always in these friendships one serves the other, one is less than the other: the hierarchy is always apparent, though the legends cannot be trusted-- their source is the survivor, the one who has been abandoned. What were the Greek ships on fire compared to this loss?
December 4, 1985
I have read Don A. Schanche's article (Nov. 19), "Achille Lauro Hijackers Get 4- to 9-Year Terms." While I perfectly understand and sympathize with the feeling of indignation and outrage caused by the brutal and cowardly murder of an elderly American citizen, which tragically concluded the hijacking of the Italian liner, I am compelled, however, to express surprise and disappointment for the manner with which the article was formulated and worded....
July 31, 1986 | United Press International
West German police have arrested one of six Arabs sentenced to prison in absentia for their part in the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship, police in Rome and West Berlin said today. Police identified the man as Ahmad Yusuf Saad, 23, a Palestinian born in Lebanon, whom prosecutors in the Achille Lauro trial called the "official paymaster" of the operation. A West Berlin police spokesman said Saad was arrested there Tuesday but gave no other details.
March 10, 2011 | By Lawrence Korb
The Pentagon currently spends more than $50 billion ? about 10% of its base budget ? on healthcare, an almost 300% increase over the last decade. These costs are projected to jump to $65 billion by fiscal year 2015. To put this in perspective, the department will spend more on healthcare this fiscal year than on the war in Iraq and will probably spend more on healthcare in 2015 than on the conflict in Afghanistan. It is not surprising that Pentagon leaders have complained that healthcare costs are "eating the Defense Department alive.
June 8, 2004 | From Associated Press
Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra will test his ailing right Achilles' tendon today before the team decides if he can make his 2004 debut against the San Diego Padres. General Manager Theo Epstein said Monday that he was not ready to activate the All-Star shortstop from the disabled list. "He worked out today and everything went fine. We have nothing to announce at this time," Epstein said. "We're very, very close. But we're not there yet." * Edgar Renteria of the St.
March 13, 2013 | By Monte Morin
Tapeworms are among humanity's oldest parasites, and were even studied by the ancient Greeks, yet a safe, effective cure to "bladder-worm" infection remains elusive. Part of the difficulty, scientists say, is that an adult tapeworm can live relatively harmlessly in a host's gut, but its larvae will spread through the host's body, like cancer, forming cysts in organs and other tissue. In some hosts, which include dogs, pigs and sheep, infection can lead to blindness, epilepsy or death.
November 22, 1985 | MARK HEISLER, Times Staff Writer
The Raiders learned Thursday that defensive end Lyle Alzado, who was thought to have a bruised calf, instead has a torn left Achilles' tendon and will be lost for the rest of season. Alzado, 36, will undergo surgery today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. "The future depends on me and my body," a subdued Alzado said Thursday. "What I do in rehabilitation. "I found out yesterday (Wednesday). It didn't make me too happy. I was pretty upset. But there's nothing I can do about it. "I'm a little down.
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