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June 21, 2005
Regarding "An Outside Chance for Schoolkids" [June 7]: In 50 cities, Sierra Club Inner City Outings volunteers take youngsters hiking, camping and river rafting and engage them in conservation activities. Hooray for research that shows these activities build confidence and promote understanding of the environment. Shirley Weisman Los Angeles
September 1, 1991
News that the activities of the Russian Communist Party have been suspended is heartening. I would like to hope that, inspired by this superb example, we might suspend the activities of the Democratic and Republican parties. ROBERT B. HOLDEN, Manhattan Beach
July 20, 1992
I understand that the school board has initiated new rules and additional charges for groups using the local school facilities. Schools should be available for constructive recreational activities. As became all too obvious recently, young people must have "good" activities to fill their time. Fees have recently been enacted that are so excessive that many groups can no longer use the school facilities for off-hour sport events and square-dancing. The school system can no longer subsidize these activities, but neither should they be used to raise school funds.
February 18, 2006
First beach volleyball, now snowboarding. How many more American recreational activities can they make into Olympic sports to pad our medal count? What's next -- Texas hold 'em? ROB OSBORNE Manhattan Beach
July 15, 1989
How ironic! North has been sentenced to 1,200 hours of community service to help alleviate our nation's drug epidemic. This comes after coordinating illegal CIA activities to run arms to the Contras and to return with addicting drugs from Latin America. And his $150,000 fine presumably will be paid by right-wing "patriots" who place his criminal activities above the laws of the land. JIM HUCHTHAUSEN Simi Valley
March 25, 1990
Why has The Times devoted so much space to the activities of homosexuals and lesbians of late? Are the majority of readers really interested in the goings on of these unfortunate misfits? Why not publicize the activities of a legitimate college sorority rather than the lesbian sisterhood you chose for your March 14 edition? JERRY PATTERSON North Hollywood
May 26, 2003
Regarding "Scientists Have a Good Feeling About Exercise" (May 12), the writer talked about the benefits that exercise can have on helping people deal with depression. The most important thing is that the person doing these activities finds them to be enjoyable. The person should not be doing such activities out of obligation to the doctor who may be prescribing this method of treatment. James Miyasato Santa Barbara
June 4, 1986
In your editorial you question the ethics of Commissioner Ezell for assisting Antonovich in filming a campaign commercial. I am no longer surprised by unethical behavior by Reagan appointees, however I find the timing of Ezell's partisan activities very interesting. It was only a few months ago that the Reagan Administration found it necessary to prosecute two government employee union leaders for Hatch Act violations. Both of these union leaders had been on leave without pay from their government jobs for many years when their alleged partisan activities took place.
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