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September 4, 1988 | DAN SULLIVAN
Have you heard the one about the actor who was rehearsing a small theater production of "Hamlet" out in the Valley? His Pinto threw a rod on the Ventura Freeway, so he needed an engine job. He hated the fabric samples for his costumes, so he chipped in for some real velvet. He had postcards printed to send out to industry people about the opening. He had new photos made. And, of course, he had to look great at the cast party. All in all, the gig set him back $1,300. "But isn't it wonderful?"
September 14, 1988 | SYLVIE DRAKE
Fifteen actors, plaintiffs in a suit against Actors' Equity Assn., lost a first round in federal court Tuesday. Judge Terry Hatter Jr. refused to grant a temporary restraining order blocking Equity's Oct. 3 implementation of a controversial Actors' 99-Seat Theatre Plan.
July 11, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
With a possible Broadway strike looming, labor talks broke off nationwide between theater producers and the union for actors and stage managers. Talks stalled after the Actors' Equity Assn.'s last offer was rejected by the League of American Theatres and Producers. The Equity Council, the governing body of the actors union, called a special meeting for Monday to decide what to do next, a representative said. The council could call a strike at the meeting.
January 12, 1989 | SYLVIE DRAKE, Times Theater Writer
The American premiere of Snoo Wilson's "More Light," scheduled to open Saturday at the Lex Theatre in Hollywood, has been postponed to Jan. 21.
September 4, 1988
Ron Sossi runs the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, a West Los Angeles complex of three theaters of fewer than 100 seats each. It was established in Hollywood in 1969 as an Equity showcase, but soon became non-Equity until 1972, when the Equity Waiver came in. Last year, Sossi's theater showed an income of $510,563 and expenses of $578,113. Odyssey actors' made $32,502 . Sossi's salary has averaged $150 a week over 19 years.
July 30, 1988 | DON SHIRLEY
The national council of Actors' Equity, meeting in New York Thursday afternoon, voted unanimously to uphold the controversial Actors' 99-Seat Theater Plan and to dismiss charges brought against the authors of the plan by 11 dissident members of the union. The plan will impose more stringent regulations on small theaters in Los Angeles County as of Oct. 3.
August 2, 1988 | DON SHIRLEY
Actors' Equity has attached a "grandfather clause" to its controversial Actors' 99-Seat Theater Plan, which is scheduled to impose more stringent regulations on theaters with fewer than 100 seats as of Oct. 3. Equity's Western Advisory Board has voted unanimously to allow productions that open before Oct. 3 to continue under the old Equity-Waiver rules until closing. Under the old Waiver regulations, the union "waives" certain rules, and actors do not have to be paid.
September 26, 1988 | DON SHIRLEY
The two sides in the protracted dispute over Actors' Equity's new 99-Seat Theater Plan will meet for further talks and possible negotiations in late October, several weeks after the controversial plan is scheduled to take effect next Monday. Equity initiated the new round of talks Friday, in a conversation between the union's attorney, Leo Geffner, and Jerome Birn, who represents 15 Equity members who have sued the union over the plan. The offer came one day after U.S.
April 19, 1988 | SYLVIE DRAKE, Times Theater Writer
Stage actors opposed to their union's controversial Actors' 99-Seat Theater Plan may be gaining some ground in their campaign to roll back the newly voted rule governing productions in Los Angeles' smaller theaters. The complicated plan was approved 1,684 to 1,023 in an April 3 referendum of local Actors Equity Assn. members. But more than 250 actors attending a general Equity membership meeting in Hollywood on Friday passed an advisory motion to declare the referendum null and void.
April 28, 1992 | JAN HERMAN
Shakespeare Orange County, a recently formed professional troupe at Chapman University in Orange, raised $2,850 on Sunday at a lecture it sponsored by Charles Vere, Earl of Burford, who claims that his ancestor is the real author of Shakespeare's plays. SOC artistic director Thomas F.
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