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September 1, 2007 | E. Scott Reckard, Times Staff Writer
Ameriquest Mortgage Co., once the "Proud Sponsor of the American Dream," is closing. Citigroup Inc. said Friday that it would buy the remnants of the Ameriquest empire from ACC Capital Holdings in Orange, and ACC said it was "preparing for an orderly wind-down of its retail mortgage business." Ameriquest shuttered its 229 retail offices months ago. As recently as 2005, Ameriquest and its sister company, Argent Mortgage, were together the No. 1 sub-prime mortgage lender in the world.
March 22, 2008
HAVING just watched the first two parts of "John Adams" on HBO, I must disagree with Mary McNamara's dyspeptic review of the series ["HBO's 'John Adams' Slogs Through History," March 14]. McNamara decries the historical realism that she feels has taken precedence over storytelling. In fact, she finds the program not interesting enough and thinks "a strange flatness permeates the entire cast." To echo Adams' line: I beg to differ. I found the first two parts riveting and very emotional.
June 6, 1992
Chris Willman's review of the Bryan Adams concert ("Adams Goes for the Hook," May 18) was way off the mark. It appears that Willman was not at the same show as the rest of the Forum crowd, for if he were he would surely have known that Adams did indeed sing "Hey Honey, I'm Packin' You In!" It was one of the first songs that he sang. He also would have known that it was not the song "Run to Me" but "Run to You." Adams has a straightforward approach to music: Give the people what they want.
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