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June 21, 2013
Re "Obesity to be viewed as a disease," June 19 The American Medical Assn.'s decision to classify obesity as a disease, obliging doctors to address their overweight patients' condition, may result in lightened patient loads - but at a high price. It's axiomatic in the healthcare industry that the quickest way for a doctor to lose a patient is to say, "You need to see a psychiatrist" or "You need to lose weight. " With patient loads likely to increase with the implementation of Obamacare, the best way to reduce those loads would seem to be pushing that hottest of all patient hot buttons and talking honestly about the risks of obesity.
March 2, 2013 | By Seema Mehta
SACRAMENTO - GOP operative Karl  Rove had blunt words Saturday for California Republicans, who are trying to claw their way back to political relevancy in the state. “My message is this: get off your ass,"  Rove told nearly 500 Republicans gathered for a convention luncheon at a downtown hotel. “Get back in the game and fight. Don't give in to what the other side wants.” The gathering is taking place as the state GOP is at a crossroads. A Republican politician has not been elected to statewide office in seven years, GOP voter registration has plummeted, and the party is mired in debt.
June 15, 1995
Advice to the Republicans--hire Willie Brown as a political consultant. PAUL DERGARABEDIAN Mission Viejo
November 16, 1990
My advice to President Bush on this Saddam Hussein thing: Hit or get off the despot. DAVID PECCHIA West Los Angeles
November 16, 2010 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times
Got Medicare enrollment questions? Of course you do. Experts will be on hand during a Newport News Daily Press Web chat from noon to 1 p.m. EST (9 to 10 a.m. PST) Wednesday to help seniors with Medicare enrollment. The enrollment period opened Monday and continues until Dec. 31. In the meantime, here’s a tool at to determine whether you’re eligible to enroll and a Medicare Guide from the South Florida Sun Sentinel that can help you get a jump on signing up.
June 7, 2011 | By Lisa Mascaro
Add Sen. Harry Reid to the list of prominent Democrats who aren’t rushing to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s side. Asked at his weekly news conference about the Twitter-tarred congressman, Reid replied, “I know Congressman Weiner. I wish there was some way I can defend him, but I can't. The Senate majority leader, a Democrat from Nevada, demurred when asked if the New Yorker should resign, saying, “I'm not here to defend Weiner.” Reid was asked what advice he would give Weiner.
January 11, 2010
Advice on how to pick a therapist How do you know if your provider is right for you? Professionals from both sides of the debate offer some tips: Bruce Wampold, University of Wisconsin: "Get referrals from friends. Give your therapist a reasonable amount of time. If you feel connected and trust them, and they have a reasonable plan, stick with them. If not, get somebody else." John Norcross, the University of Scranton, Pa: "When selecting a therapist, by all means ask if they're familiar with the best available research to reach treatment goals.
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