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Aerial Spraying

January 29, 1990 | KATHLEEN DOHENY
The signs were handmade but the messages were legible and curt. "Stop malathion spraying." "It's your air! No spraying." "Honk your support." The scrawled slogans reflected the frustrations and resolve of 100 demonstrators gathered last week at the intersection of Brea Boulevard and Imperial Highway in Orange County. For two hours, they persisted, waving the signs at rush-hour motorists and evoking nearly constant feedback of horns and shouts.
Two men were arrested on suspicion of launching a fireworks-like projectile that exploded below a formation of helicopters spraying malathion over the Norwalk area, authorities said Saturday. No injuries were reported and none of the five helicopters in the low-flying formation were damaged in the incident, which occurred at about 9:45 p.m. Friday. The two men arrested, both 21, were identified by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as Patrick D. Gilmour of Lakewood and Charles W.
October 10, 1985 | ELIZABETH CAMPOS, Times Staff Writer
A plant and agricultural quarantine of Glendale and areas in Burbank and northeast Los Angeles is expected to be declared within a few days because of an infestation of Oriental fruit flies, according to county agriculture officials. Meanwhile, emergency insecticide spraying of trees and utility poles has begun in central Glendale. The proposed quarantine would cover 81 square miles and would restrict transportation of fruit outside the affected area.
July 27, 2003 | Ruth Morris, Special to The Times
Complaining of paramilitary extortion, tardy pension payments and the price of corn, Colombians took to the phones Saturday to relate their fears and needs to President Alvaro Uribe during a marathon, interactive Cabinet meeting. Broadcast live on television for 10 hours, the program featured rumpled ministers with unbuttoned collars, reports stacked in front of them, giving a rendering of accounts from Uribe's first year in office. For most, the balance was positive. "Mr.
March 8, 1990 | JOSEPH N. BELL
Some years ago, when the nation was debating the propriety and safety of atomic testing in the atmosphere with the same fervor that Orange Countians are today debating malathion spraying, I was assigned by a national magazine to explore the arguments on both sides with their two major proponents: Dr. Edward Teller, who favored the testing, and Dr. Linus Pauling, who opposed it. I spent the better part of a day with each man.
February 1, 1990
The City Council voted Monday to oppose aerial spraying of the pesticide malathion "because of the potential serious human health hazard." Two Medflies were discovered in Pomona over the weekend. The resolution, approved by four council members with Councilman C. L. (Clay) Bryant abstaining, urges Gov. George Deukmejian to direct a thorough study to determine the health risks from exposure to malathion.
December 29, 1994 | JEFF McDONALD
Aerial spraying of the pesticide malathion was rescheduled for Wednesday night after flights Tuesday were canceled by the Cooperative Medfly Project in Camarillo due to heavy fog. Low-flying helicopters were expected to take off about 10 p.m. Wednesday as state agriculture officials continue their attack on the Mediterranean fruit fly, which was first found in Camarillo in late September.
May 9, 1995 | J.E. MITCHELL
Agriculture officials are set to conduct their 13th aerial spraying of the pesticide malathion over eastern Camarillo tonight in their continuing battle against the crop-destroying Mediterranean fruit fly. Barring bad weather, four helicopters will leave Camarillo Airport at 9 p.m. to begin their four-hour spray mission over the 16-square-mile Medfly eradication zone.
March 11, 1990
The La Verne, Claremont and Azusa city councils have taken stands against aerial spraying of malathion, urging the state to take a different approach to fighting the region's Medfly infestation. La Verne and Claremont have asked the state instead to adopt an integrated pest management plan that would fight the fly through measures including the release of sterile Medflies and limited ground spraying.
Most city leaders in Camarillo support aerial spraying of malathion to combat the area's Medfly infestation, but school officials and day-care workers raised concerns about the pesticide's harmful effects on children's health. Four of five City Council members and City Manager Bill Little said Monday the state should spray from the air or take other measures needed to protect the county's $848-million-a-year agricultural industry from potential devastation of the fruit-eating pest.
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