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Affirmative Actions

April 3, 1987
FACT: The 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits job discrimination based on sex. FACT: Paul Johnson was declared the best qualified applicant for the position of Santa Clara County Transportation Department dispatcher, but was denied the job solely because he is a man. No amount of Supreme Court or Times editorial doublespeak can dispute or reconcile these facts. If the courts can use an anti-discrimination law to justify discrimination, then is the original intent of any of our laws secure?
February 13, 1995 | GEORGE SKELTON
Republicans are salivating and Democrats are shuddering at the prospect of a 1996 ballot brawl over affirmative action. It probably would generate a high voter turnout among white men, who tend to support GOP candidates. But cool heads are working behind the scenes to stave off the fight. In the end, partisan politics may well drive this racially divisive issue onto the November ballot, giving Republicans a hot issue and chasing Democrats for cover, including President Clinton.
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