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Afghan Capital

September 28, 1988 | Associated Press
Afghanistan rebels today fired more than 20 rockets into the Afghan capital of Kabul, and one missile exploded near a bus stop, killing 35 people and wounding more than 150, the Tass press agency reported. The attack, apparently the deadliest ever staged by anti-government insurgents on Kabul, was denounced by Tass as a "crime against the Afghan people." Attacks on urban centers in Afghanistan have been mounting since the Soviets began withdrawing their 100,000 troops from the country in May.
July 1, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Two bombs hidden in crates of fruit exploded at security checkpoints in downtown Jalalabad, killing a man and wounding 26 other people. The blasts occurred a few minutes apart, shattering the windows of nearby homes and shops in the city, 80 miles east of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Five police officers and five children were among the wounded. The blasts followed Saturday's bombing of a bus carrying female election workers in Jalalabad. Two were killed, and 13 others were wounded.
August 12, 1987
Afghan refugees have streamed into Kabul, the Afghan capital, to escape intensive bombardment by Soviet and Afghan forces of rebel bases north of the city, Western diplomatic sources said in Islamabad, Pakistan.
April 17, 1985
Soviet troops are using Frog 7 surface-to-surface, truck-mounted missiles with 1,200-pound warheads in Afghanistan, Western diplomats said. Quoting reports from Kabul, the Afghan capital, the diplomats said the non-nuclear missiles were used in one of two major preemptive attacks on rebel centers west of Kabul. The reports could not be independently confirmed.
May 19, 2007 | From the Associated Press
About 4,000 artifacts seized by border police in Denmark have been returned to the National Museum of Afghanistan, the Danish prime minister said this week during a visit to the Afghan capital, Kabul. The Afghan archeological artifacts include coins dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries BC and figurines of lions and horses. The National Museum of Afghanistan, founded in 1930, was looted and deliberately vandalized under the Taliban.
October 29, 2008 | TIMES WIRE REPORTS
A U.S. military judge at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, barred the Pentagon from using a prisoner's confession to Afghan authorities as trial evidence, saying it was obtained through torture. Army Col. Stephen R. Henley said Mohammed Jawad's statements "were obtained by physical intimidation and threats of death." Jawad is accused of injuring two U.S. soldiers with a grenade in 2002. He allegedly said during his interrogation in Kabul, the Afghan capital, that he hoped the Americans died and that he would do it again.
August 8, 1988 | Reuters
The first Soviet army unit to leave the Afghan capital of Kabul, a convoy of 500 men, departed for the northern border today as Moscow's withdrawal from Afghanistan continued. A second unit is to follow within three days. The convoy of about 100 vehicles left the Soviet army camp of Khair Khana in northern Kabul after a ceremony in which they were presented with garlands by local residents.
April 15, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
A convoy carrying much-needed food and fuel to Kabul broke through a guerrilla blockade along a major supply route Friday. The convoy of trucks and tanks pushed down the Salang Highway running south from the Soviet border to the Afghan capital. The strategic road, 260 miles long, has been closed for a week by Muslim insurgents. Helicopter gunships flew low over the convoy and armored cars and tanks fired at guerrilla positions in a bid to clear the vital highway. Columns of smoke mushroomed in the sky about 12 miles from Kabul.
November 13, 2009 | Laura King
An apparent suicide bombing outside a major U.S. military base in the Afghan capital killed at least two Afghans early today, witnesses and officials said. The attack took place on a main road at the eastern edge of Kabul, outside an installation known as Camp Phoenix. Witnesses said it appeared that at least two military vehicles were caught in the blast. American military officials did not immediately confirm whether there were military casualties, and provided no other details about the attack.
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