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March 25, 1986
European and U.S. banks have agreed to reschedule $14 billion of its foreign debt, South African Finance Minister Barend du Plessis announced. Du Plessis said the agreement negotiated by Swiss mediator Fritz Leutwiler was approved at a meeting in London. "It can now be confirmed that all outstanding issues have been disposed of at this meeting," he said in a statement. The agreement calls for South Africa to lift its unilateral freeze on repayments of all outstanding foreign debts.
July 12, 1995
After 13 years in Los Angeles, the Raiders are being heartily welcomed back to Oakland. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted, 5-0, Tuesday to approve the deal that would make the Raiders the first U.S. sports team to return to its roots. The Oakland City Council gave its seal of approval Tuesday night, 9-0.
Officials of the baseball players' union, meeting with acting Commissioner Bud Selig and four other owners at union offices in New York on Monday, said they would not change the proposed labor agreement rejected by the owners last Wednesday. However, Selig planned to talk to union leader Donald Fehr again today, and sources close to the situation remained hopeful that an agreement could be reached before the deadline of Thursday midnight.
December 31, 2012 | By Kathleen Hennessey and David Lauter, Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON - President Obama, who campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, has fulfilled that promise even before his next term starts. The announcement Monday night of Senate agreement on a compromise to avert part of the "fiscal cliff" meant that for the first time in two decades, Republicans in Congress were preparing to vote in favor of a bill that raised taxes, an extraordinary concession to the nation's fiscal woes and the president's reelection. But Obama's victory fell short of what he had campaigned for, and came at a high cost.
February 20, 2014 | By Daniel Rothberg
WASHINGTON -- One of the founders of  GOProud, a gay Republican organization, has resigned from the board after accusing the group's new leadership of allowing themselves to be used as "stooges" by antigay conservatives. Chris Barron, who helped create GOProud in 2009, condemned the current directors for touting an agreement that only allowed for limited GOProud  participation at the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference. In 2010 and 2011, GOProud, which bills itself as a conservative alternative to Log Cabin Republicans, served as a CPAC sponsor.
January 12, 2014 | By Paul Richter
WASHINGTON -- Iran and six world powers said Sunday they have agreed on a plan of implementation for their first-phase nuclear deal, a sign the fragile effort to curb Tehran's nuclear ambitions remains on track. The implementation agreement, worked out in a month of talks between technical experts and diplomats, will lay out how the group will carry out their plan to limit Iran's nuclear progress while they try to negotiate a long-term agreement. Officials of the United States, Iran and the European Union hailed the agreement as another step forward.
July 25, 2013 | By Meg James
Comcast Corp. Chief Executive Brian L. Roberts has extended his tenure at the nation's largest cable company -- for at least another year. Roberts isn't planning on going anywhere -- despite the seemingly short-term nature of the deal. His father, Ralph Roberts, founded the company a half century ago. What's more, Brian Roberts' employment contract had expired last month, according a filing Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Rather than renegoitiate his entire agreement, Roberts simply amended the pact so that it runs through June 2014.
April 12, 1985 | DJ
Cambridge Bioscience said it completed a joint development agreement with American Hospital Supply to jointly develop Cambridge Bioscience's urinary tract diagnostic system.
May 8, 1987
The Denver businessman offered $321.9 million to acquire the remaining shares of Spectradyne Inc., the nation's largest supplier of pay-per-view movie systems to hotels. Davis made his $37-per-share offer for the rest of the company's outstanding common shares after the market closed. Earlier this week, Davis disclosed in Securities and Exchange Commission filings that he had acquired 7.3% of Spectradyne, based in Richardson, Tex. Spectradyne's stock closed at $40.
September 18, 1986
AT&E Corp. announced an agreement with Hattori Seiko Co. for use of AT&E technology in Seiko wristwatches that will be capable of receiving messages from standard telephones. The agreement provides Seiko with exclusive manufacturing rights in Asia, exclusive selling rights in Asia and nonexclusive selling rights in the United States and Canada.
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