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Airport Terminal

April 4, 1988 | Times Wire Services
The Supreme Court today refused to let a St. Louis airport ban all demonstrations, soliciting and distribution of political and religious literature from its terminals. The justices, without comment, let stand rulings that an airport terminal, like a city street and sidewalk, is a public forum where free-speech rights must be accommodated. To date, every federal appeals court that has studied the issue has ruled that a government-run airport terminal is such a public forum.
November 10, 2001
Nicolai Ouroussoff's critique of Pasadena's new Paseo Colorado ("Pasadena's Paseo Colorado: Shopping for Reality, in Vain," Nov. 9) was unnecessarily harsh and a bit myopic. Yes, as with any new urban shopping space, the development seems "soulless," "prefabricated" and "sterile." Yet he fails to mention that its sterility pales in comparison to its unlamented predecessor, Plaza Pasadena, which was the very model of a late-century bland and personality-free American mall. Far from being indistinguishable from "any airport terminal in America," Paseo Colorado has restored the visual and spatial connections to the rich architectural heritage of its surrounding neighborhood.
September 7, 1998
A Los Angeles International Airport terminal was evacuated Sunday after a baggage X-ray machine showed what appeared to be a handgun in a woman's purse. It was the third time in a month that an airport terminal was evacuated because of the believed sighting of a weapon. The owner of the bag was not located, said airport spokeswoman Cora Fossett.
June 17, 1989
Our club consists of 856 members. Most of the members live in the East Valley with their families. We object to the jet noise from the heavy air traffic at the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. We believe that your survey of 710 people, mostly from the three cities that own the airport, is erroneous and misleading. Not one of our members was polled. And we are 856 individuals plus our spouses and children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are the so-called "silent majority," with no political clout over the Burbank Airport Authority.
August 14, 1999
After reaching a tentative accord with the city last week, Burbank Airport officials Friday submitted a formal revised application to the city for a new airport terminal. If approved, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority could build a 14-gate terminal to replace the current facility, which dates to 1930. The terminal could ultimately be expanded to 19 gates if certain conditions are met, including adoption of a flight curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
September 9, 1992 | HUGO MARTIN
The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority ordered airport staff workers Tuesday to complete a study on the cost of relocating about 20 buildings that violate federal safety standards because they are too close to runways. Airport Director Thomas Greer said the idea for the study came as airport officials began researching the costs of replacing the airport terminal, which is being moved because it lies within the 750-foot federal safety zone around the runway.
February 19, 2000 | ANDREW BLANKSTEIN
Burbank Mayor Stacey Murphy wrote Federal Aviation Administrator Jane Garvey on Friday asking again for clear guidance from federal officials on the legality of the Burbank Airport terminal framework agreement. "I remain concerned that the recent exchange of correspondence has not added any clarity to an increasingly ambiguous situation," Murphy told Garvey in a Feb. 18 letter. "Your letter does not answer the pivotal questions that I posed and, in fact, raises more questions than it answers."
January 4, 1993 | MIMI KO
Tawyna Stammerjohan watches people pass through the security checkpoints, inspects emergency doors and converses with fliers as she makes her rounds through John Wayne Airport. For Stammerjohan, an Orange County Sheriff's special officer, and the 47 other deputies stationed here, working at the airport is much like being a cop in a small town. Airline agents, ticket takers, baggage handlers, restaurant workers and other airport employees are like John Wayne's residents, Stammerjohan said.
August 30, 2010 | By Gretchen Meier, Los Angeles Times
After two public hearings and long discussions over the course of a month, the Burbank City Council has approved a $120-million transit center for Bob Hope Airport. The original proposal had been postponed to allow city officials to clarify the city's role in approving landscaping and so-called green street features for the project. The transportation hub will consolidate rental car facilities and bus transit on current airport property, a covered moving walkway to the airport terminal and the second compressed natural gas fueling station in Burbank.
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