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Al Green

September 8, 1996 | Cheo Hodari Coker, Cheo Hodari Coker is a Times staff writer
Between 2 and 6 every weekday afternoon, female callers from teens to thirty-somethings overwhelm the request lines of radio station KKBT-FM (92.3)--popularly known as the Beat--all hoping for an encounter with Theo, the disc jockey with the most alluring bedroom voice on Los Angeles radio. That voice has the kind comforting bass growl that soul men from Barry White to Isaac Hayes have used to entrance listeners for decades.
July 18, 1993
Moses Dillard, 46, Grammy-winning gospel music producer and former disco singer. A minister, Dillard was a disco singer in the 1970s, but achieved his greatest mark as a record producer. In 1983, he won a Grammy and a Gospel Music Assn. Dove Award for producing Al Green's "Precious Lord." He was associate producer of "March On," an album in tribute to Martin Luther King scheduled for release next month. On Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn., of a heart attack.
August 28, 2005 | Sandy Banks, Times Staff Writer
The graduates of Inglewood High's Class of 1975 assembled on the football field and applauded Scott Mosko as he took the podium. "Congratulations," the valedictorian said, "for surviving the utter hell we've been through at Inglewood High." The school's "forced integration" had failed, he continued. The proof was right before their eyes: Two groups of graduates -- one black, one white -- sitting on separate sides of the field.
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