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August 9, 1987
I am an admirer of Alan Dershowitz and was astounded to read his recent article "Ollie North in Judicial Robes," (Editorial Pages, July 29). Dershowitz makes a self-righteous case that the appointment of Bork to the Supreme Court is merely a means of "advancing their (President Reagan and Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III) political goals." It never occurs to Dershowitz that the opposition to Bork by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), Dershowitz and others of liberal persuasion are trying to advance their own political goals by keeping Bork out. They have decided on their own litmus tests for a Supreme Court justice.
September 3, 1985
Would such a brouhaha be raised about Walter Polovchak if his family had come from Sweden? Or Belgium? Or the Netherlands? What position would the INS have taken if they wanted to return to Guatemala or Chile and Walter did not want to return to life not under a communist dictatorship but a fascist dictatorship? Suppose the Polovchaks had been Salvadorans? Would the INS have treated young Walter as it treats Salvadoran refugees who seek refuge here because their lives are in danger in El Salvador?
October 12, 1997
Alan Dershowitz criticizes me for "the propriety of writing a book that so closely parallels [Dershowitz's] book written in 1994 with virtually no attribution or citation of the earlier work" (Book Review, Aug. 10). He then goes on to say that I should acknowledge how my work "parallels" his. Good grief. When I mention the Dershowitz book on Page 23, I use his name (twice), summarize his argument and then supply a footnote referring to it. His book--a collection of casual op-ed essays, each mostly three or four pages long--bears not the slightest resemblance to mine.
May 29, 1989
In response to "Drawing the Line on Prenatal Rights," by Alan Dershowitz, Op-Ed Page, May 14: With all due respect to Dershowitz, I am appalled by his position advocating state intervention in a woman's body once she has made the decision to bear a child over having an abortion. I also am a human rights activist, one perhaps who has been silent far too long! I am sure Dershowitz would have a different view on state intervention if the fetus in question was within his male body as opposed to the body of a woman.
January 7, 1990
I couldn't believe Alan Dershowitz saying "international law may forbid us from physically entering the nunciature. . . ." ("Justice for Noriega Isn't in the Cards," Op-Ed Page, Jan. 2). International law? He's got to be kidding. International law prohibits us from invading another country, too. It forbids us to ransack another country's embassy. Since when did the United States obey international law? As a matter of fact, we don't even obey our own laws. Our Constitution says the right to declare war belongs to Congress, but we let our presidents usurp this power any time they like by simply calling war by another name.
January 10, 1990 | From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports
Leona Helmsley has hired Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor who helped clear Claus von Bulow of attempted murder, to handle the appeal of her tax evasion conviction. The appeal team also will include Susan Estrich, who headed Michael S. Dukakis' unsuccessful presidential campaign. Dershowitz says Helmsley has been "very pleasant" during their Boston meetings and he says her image as a tempestuous shrew is undeserved. "She is demanding but I like working for demanding people," he said.
July 16, 1991 | From Associated Press
He gained an acquittal for Claus von Bulow and helped win dismissal of some tax evasion charges against hotel queen Leona Helmsley. Now big-time lawyer Alan Dershowitz will aim his legal artillery at the sentence of Wall Street's biggest white-collar felon, Michael Milken. Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School who is an aggressive appeals specialist, said Monday that he will try to reduce Milken's prison sentence and help defend him against a rash of civil suits.
June 22, 1988
The article "Birth Control as Penalty for Child Abuse" by Alan Dershowitz (Op-Ed Page, June 4) brought to mind my days as a Catholic college student where the dean of students, a wise old nun, lectured, too frequently we thought, but her words were full of wisdom and they were, "People who have rights also have responsibilities." Over the years her words have remained a part of my life. I think the same advice applies to the young girl who abandoned her children. Think of the psychological damage to all the individuals involved in child abandonment--of the sadness, guilt, and frustration which the young mother must feel.
July 7, 1989
Bethell's column was typical of a conservative's self-righteousness. By saying that the Supreme Court is "inviting backlash," Bethell's reasoning seems to imply that simply because some people will have their egos bruised or their feelings hurt from burning the flag that that is reason enough to outlaw such a form of expression. Then he insults the intelligence of those who may disagree with him by saying that the "problem" is that allowing flag burning "departs from common sense."
October 22, 2006
Re "Torture and accountability," Opinion, Oct. 17 It seems that Alan Dershowitz is still in favor of the rack and other forms of torture to find those mythical "ticking bombs." Only now he's complaining that when President Clinton suggested something similar, the media and public didn't beat up on him. But Clinton pointed out that he didn't know of any ticking bomb instances, and he was aware that errors had been made in deciding who was a suspect. Dershowitz has not, to my knowledge, addressed what to do with innocent people who have been subjected to torture warrants.
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