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April 25, 1996 | From Times Wire Reports
Leaders of the ethnic Albanian community in the Serbian province of Kosovo sought to calm tensions after five Serbs were shot and killed in apparent revenge for the killing of an Albanian. Serbian authorities refrained from threatening retaliation and did not criticize Albanian leaders directly, possibly to avoid further escalation of violence. Separate shootings Monday evening in four towns across the province took place within the space of an hour, leaving five Serbs dead and four wounded.
November 15, 2013 | By Shashank Bengali
WASHINGTON - Despite pressure from the Obama administration, Albania's prime minister said Friday that he would not allow the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons in the European country. Prime Minister Edi Rama surprised some Western officials by saying in a televised address that it was "impossible" to take on the job of dismantling Syrian President Bashar Assad's toxic arsenal because "we lack the necessary capacities to get involved in this operation. " Rama bowed to growing protests in the small Balkan nation, where activists have opposed being the host country for the costly and complex process of neutralizing Syria's weapons, because of concern over toxic waste.
May 11, 1987
The Communist leaders of Albania--a small Balkan country that borders on Yugoslavia, Greece and the Adriatic Sea--have long done their best to insulate the Albanian people from troublesome outside influences. To an appalling degree they have succeeded. Recent visitors report, however, that the winds of change are being felt ever so slightly even in Albania. Albania, a fiercely independent country that was occupied by the Axis powers in World War II, fell under Communist rule after the war.
October 8, 2011
Ramiz Alia Albania's last communist leader Ramiz Alia, 85, who was Albania's last communist president and is credited with opening to democracy one of the world's most isolationist political systems, died Friday of lung complications, an Albanian official announced. He assumed leadership of the Albanian Communist Party in 1985 after the death of his longtime friend, dictator Enver Hoxha. After a series of massive student protests, Alia introduced political and economic reforms that paved the way for the country's first free elections in 1991.
October 28, 1990
Your article ("Albania Now Open for Tourist Business," News and Briefs, June 24) was the word I had been eagerly awaiting. On the basis of it, I was able to travel to that little-known and isolated corner of the Balkans with Exotic Tours of Montreal, as noted in the article. What a delight to be among the first Americans not of Albanian background to explore this intriguing country. A visit to Albania is a trip backwards in time to a land of primitive and unsophisticated agricultural methods and a correspondingly simple way of life.
September 23, 1998 | From Times Wire Services
Serbian and Yugoslav forces launched a fierce offensive Tuesday on the last remaining stronghold of ethnic Albanian separatists in the Serbian province of Kosovo. By late Tuesday, the combined forces had seized at least four guerrilla-held villages and killed many rebels, said the Serb Media Center, which releases official information. Several hundred guerrillas withdrew deeper into the Drenica region, it said.
November 21, 1992 | Reuters
The Albanian army used helicopters, boats and temporary bridges Friday to rescue villagers in northern Albania where overflowing rivers and torrential rains caused heavy flooding.
December 13, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
Albania rushed soldiers to a town in the isolated Balkan republic today to quell an attack on Communist Party officials and buildings by "hooligans" armed with stones and iron bars, a broadcast said. The attack in the northern city of Shkodra came the day after a peaceful rally by tens of thousands of people in the capital, Tirana, founded the country's first non-Communist political party. It was not clear whether the army used weapons or whether the situation had quieted.
September 4, 1991 | Reuters
The last statue of Albania's late Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha was removed Monday night from a glass-and-stone pyramid built in his memory in Tirana.
March 28, 1988 | Associated Press
A moderate earthquake rocked northwestern Greece and southern Albania late Saturday, causing panic and some damage but no injuries, authorities said Sunday. A spokeswoman for the Athens Seismological Institute said the quake measured 5.2 on the Richter scale and was centered on the western Albanian coast, 236 miles northwest of Athens.
February 7, 2010 | By Barry Zwick
If you go THE BEST WAY TO SARANDE AND BUTRINT The only daily cruises to Albania sail from the northern Greek island of Corfu. Communications are quirky in Corfu; my ATT cellphone, with a built-in GSM chip for Europe, worked perfectly in Athens and Santorini but not at all in Corfu. The safest way to buy tickets is to visit the head office of Ionian Cruises, a 15-minute walk from the heart of Corfu, and buy them with cash. Credit-card fraud is rampant throughout Greece. Seats are available even during the peak summer season a day in advance and often on the morning of the cruise.
February 7, 2010 | By Barry Zwick
Somewhere on Earth there must be a cheaper, easier, more exotic cruise, packed with even more beautiful sights and filled with more history, providing even tastier food, but for now, I'm happy to settle on this one: Ionian Cruises' daily excursion from Corfu, Greece, to Sarande, Albania. How cheap is it? Thirty-eight euros (about $55) for the round-trip boat ride, 19 euros (about $27) for a shore excursion that includes a fabulous buffet lunch. That's about $82 for an enchanting day in Albania, an additional dollar if you want a big glass of wine with your lunch.
March 19, 2009 | Associated Press
The senior U.S. diplomat in Albania and his staff have been cleared of allegations that they were involved in covering up the illegal source of ammunition shipped to Afghanistan by an American military contractor, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday. Justice Department officials have informed the State Department's inspector general that U.S. Ambassador John Withers and five other members of the embassy team are not targets or subjects of an investigation, spokesman Robert Wood said.
February 18, 2009 | Tim Rutten
Ismail Kadare is, in many ways, among the most problematic of major writers in contemporary Western letters. But that shouldn't prevent readers from savoring "The Siege" for what it is, a significant work by an important, fascinating author. Though he works completely within the context of the West's mainstream 20th century literature, Kadare's perspective is that of a writer preoccupied with the themes and history of his native land, Albania.
February 8, 2009 | Llazar Semini, Semini writes for the Associated Press.
Once Europe's most forbidding coast, this sparkling stretch of the Ionian Sea is slowly revealing lost treasures that date back 2,500 years and shipwrecks from ancient times. Over the last two summers, a research ship carrying U.S. and Albanian experts has combed the waters off southern Albania inch by inch, using scanning equipment and submersible robots to seek ancient wrecks. In what organizers say is the first archaeological survey of Albania's seabed, at least five sites were located, which could fill in blanks on ancient shipbuilding techniques.
November 23, 2008 | Elena Becatoros, Becatoros writes for the Associated Press.
Drene Markgjoni spent 12 years in a hard-labor camp, punished for her fiance's attempt to flee Albania's regime, then one of the world's most repressive and isolationist. She swore she would never suffer like that for somebody else again. She pledged to forgo sex and marriage for the rest of her life, and declared herself a man. That was six decades ago. Now 85, with close-cropped white hair, dressed in a man's blue striped shirt and black trousers, she greets visitors with a manly handshake.
November 19, 1987 | United Press International
Foreign Minister Karolos Papoulias has begun a three-day official visit to Albania, the first by a senior Greek government official since Athens rescinded a 42-year-old state of war with Tirana in August.
September 12, 1987 | From Reuters
Albania, Europe's last self-proclaimed Stalinist state, has agreed to establish diplomatic ties with Canada, the official Albanian news agency ATA said Friday in a one-sentence report received here.
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