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Alcohol Abuse

December 30, 1986 | ALLAN PARACHINI, Times Staff Writer
Possibly because alcohol is so prevalent in modern society, drinking often is seen as an issue apart from other drug use. But now, a survey by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. concludes that there is new urgency to eliminate the distinction between alcohol and other abused substances. Alcohol issues, including drinking among youth and pregnant women, the company argues, "deserve at least as much media, medical and social attention as illicit drug use."
April 16, 1987 | Associated Press
Charles Martin, Green Bay Packers nose tackle who drew national attention last season for body-slamming Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, says he is a changed man after spending 28 days in an alcohol treatment center. Martin says he checked into the center at Birmingham, Ala., where he lives, in December. During that time, Martin says, he put God into his life. "I think I can help the team a lot better by just having God on my side because I know I'm a good ballplayer," he said.
May 9, 1986 | RANDY LEWIS, Times Staff Writer
The war on alcohol abuse is getting extra reinforcement this year from what might seem like an unlikely pair of allies: Orange County's two outdoor amphitheaters, where rock 'n' roll, warm summer nights and lots of ice-cold beer traditionally go hand-in-hand.
July 18, 1987
Once again Julie Cart has distinguished herself with a misleading and factually incorrect article. This time the subject is drinking among NHL players. For proof of widespread alcohol abuse, Cart details the cases of eight current or former players, which is exactly 2% of the more than 420 NHL players on current rosters. This characterizes widespread usage? ANDREW JAMNER Los Angeles
November 16, 2013 | By Frank Shyong
A Compton school board member was arrested this week on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, according to law enforcement documents. Skyy D. Fisher, 30, was arrested shortly after midnight Tuesday and posted $5,000 bail at 8:55 a.m., according to an online database of arrests maintained by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. [Updated at 1:15 p.m. Nov. 18: Long Beach Police said Fisher was released on his own recognizance and did not post bail.] That evening, Fisher attended a school board meeting in which the panel discussed and took action on more than a dozen different items, including contracts, nominations and implementation of the Common Core curriculum.  Fisher made headlines last year after he used a homophobic slur to refer to Trayvon Martin in a podcast.
October 25, 1992
The Challengers Boys and Girls Club has received a $50,000 donation from Action, a federal domestic volunteer agency, to start a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program in early December. Targeting 160 area 6- to 17-year-olds, the club will recruit 30 adult mentors to discuss such topics as drug-abuse prevention, self-esteem and career planning, said John A. Kotick, a Challengers spokesman. The club, at 5029 S. Vermont Ave.
December 9, 1987 | Washington Post
Alcoholism and alcohol abuse cost the nation as much as $117 billion a year in lost productivity and medical bills, an anti-alcoholism conference has been told. Thomas R. Burke, chief of staff to Health and Human Services Secretary Otis R. Bowen, noted that the figure is more than five times as high as the $23 billion in savings that the Reagan Administration and congressional leaders needed to achieve in the recent budget summit.
Bleary-eyed and unaware his heart had stopped beating three times, Alejandro Colman woke from a four-day coma to tell doctors he had won a holiday for two and a T-shirt. He vaguely recalled being the last man on his feet after a vodka- and tequila-drinking contest at a discotheque in a beach resort, but did not know police pulled him out of a ditch and got him to a hospital. Colman, 20, had staggered out of the disco and collapsed before he could claim his prizes.
July 31, 1996
The Pasadena City Council is coming under fire from an alcohol abuse group after council members ordered city staff to find loopholes in the law and help a struggling market owner get a permit to sell beer and wine.
January 7, 1985 | Dan Nakaso
A new Orange County-based group contends that a quiet, but potentially powerful lobbying force could form if recovering drug and alcohol abusers organized. "We think they're there," said Ken Estes, acting director of Americans for Substance Abuse Prevention, or ASAP. "We think it's one of those things where people say, 'Sure, I'm concerned about alcohol and drug abuse.' But nobody does anything except MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), which does a very good job with the drunk-driving issue.
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