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Alcohol Sales

April 9, 2011 | By Joel Rubin and Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Police Department announced plans to bring aggressive crime-fighting tactics that it employs on city streets into Dodger Stadium as part of a security crackdown a week after a visiting fan was attacked in the ballpark's parking lot. Overriding a Dodger policy against armed police inside the stadium, Police Chief Charlie Beck said Friday that uniformed officers will be posted throughout the ballpark and will be more aggressive about...
The Los Angeles City Planning Commission granted its first approval Thursday of plans for one riot-damaged market in South-Central Los Angeles to rebuild and sell liquor, but postponed a vote on a second store cited by residents as a community problem until the environmental effects of its alcohol sales can be studied.
July 15, 1990
Congratulations on the excellent, informative article, "Life at the Beach Turns Into Life With the Bottle," (Westside, June 28). Attempts to look at health and safety issues that surround alcohol sales are too frequently dismissed as prohibitionist. Citizens ought to have some means of protecting their home and family in the event that the police or city government fail to respond to the risk of increased alcohol outlets. The contributions of the alcohol industry to political campaigns and the tax revenue generated by additional alcohol sales may indeed influence voting patterns and conflict with the health and safety needs of residents.
February 8, 1988 | From Reuters
Turkish Health Minister Bulent Akarcali said Sunday that the government plans to ban cigarette and alcohol sales to people aged under 18. Akarcali, who plans to puff his last cigarette on television this month as part of a campaign to persuade Turks to stop smoking, has already banned smoking on domestic Turkish Airlines flights.
January 1, 2012 | By Tiffany Hsu
Ringing in the New Year is hardly about the resolutions -- clearly, booze is the star. And 2012 might be alcohol's best year in a while. Take Champagne sales. Worldwide, shipments of the bubbly were up 5.2% during the first half of 2011, according to the trade group Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, with 335 million bottles expected to traverse the world by the end of the year. And that's after a harsh winter and funky spring and summer seasons led to the second-earliest harvest in the Champagne growing region since 1822, according to the Champagne group.
August 15, 1996 | BY HOPE HAMASHIGE and JOHN POPE
The Police Department recently cited eight restaurants in Brea and Yorba Linda for selling alcohol to minors during a sting operation in which 25 eateries were visited. The crackdown was part of an ongoing effort, funded by a grant from the state, aimed at reducing alcohol sales to young people, police said. During the operation, officers sent an underage "decoy" to restaurants to try to purchase alcoholic beverages while being watched by police.
May 10, 1995
"Here's Looking at You Kid," a new campaign that targets alcohol sales to minors in Brea and Yorba Linda, appears to be working, according to a Brea Police Department spokesman. A recent undercover operation found that 16% of businesses selected at random sold alcoholic beverages to people under the legal drinking age of 21. This compares favorably to 1994, when 53% of the selected businesses were cited for illegal alcohol sales.
April 3, 1985 | Roxana Kopetman \f7
About 40 Anaheim residents went home disappointed Tuesday after the City Council voted unanimously against granting a temporary beer and wine license to a neighborhood convenience store. Shirin A. Damani, owner of Prince Supermarket at 1200 W. Cerritos Ave., charged that City Council members were discriminating against him because he is from Pakistan. Without a license to sell beer and wine, Damani claimed, his family-run store will go out of business.
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