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Alice Cooper

May 26, 2010 | By Shirley Halperin
It was a night of laughs, tears, jaw-dropping performances and surprise appearances, and even if Season 9 didn't quite get your juices flowing, the 2010 finale pulled out plenty of stops. They didn't all make sense -- Alice Cooper, while entertaining backed up by a herd of Season 9ers wearing their Catholic school best, felt like a stretch. Hall and Oates' medley with the Top 6 guys was a better fit, and Crystal Bowersox's duet with Alanis Morissette drove home a notion we'd long reconciled: that she, more than any other Season 9 finalist, deserved to be standing on that stage.
Michelob has Genesis. Nike has the Beatles. Coke has Max Headroom. But don't expect to see Pepsi-Cola using Alice Cooper to tout its pops this year. The rock veteran recently used the Pepsi slogan--"The Choice of a New Generation"--in a full-page ad in Billboard boasting about ticket sales on his current tour. Pepsi's response? A heated two-page letter from its corporate counsel threatening legal action if Cooper didn't "immediately cease and desist" from using the Pepsi slogan.
February 13, 1988
What's in a name? Many of the most famous stars of the music business use fictitious names. See if you can match the pseudonym in Column A with the star's real name in Column B. Answers at the end of the column. COLUMN A 1. Cher 2. Bob Dylan 3. Ringo Starr 4. David Bowie 5. Alice Cooper 6. Elvis Costello 7. John Denver 8. Elton John 9. Meat Loaf 10. Freddie Mercury (Queen) 11. Johnny Rotten 12. Gene Simmons (Kiss) 13. Steve Tyler (Aerosmith) 14. Stevie Wonder 15. Lou Reed COLUMN B: A.
August 28, 1988 | RICHARD CROMELIN
*** 1/2JANE'S ADDICTION. "Nothing's Shocking." Warner Bros. Life is tough. Everybody is so full of it. Might as well crank things up to a head-rattling, Zeppelin-in-overdrive pitch and get it out of our systems. Life is also odd and interesting. Better take time to cool it and lay back and trip out and roll a few things over in the old mind. Those are the two operative modes on the debut album from Jane's Addiction, the latest band to attempt the transition from big deal on the L.A.
September 23, 2007 | Adam Tschorn, Times Staff Writer
There's nothing like an 18-foot-long anaconda to upstage a rock star. Never mind it's a marvelously rumpled and completely insouciant Alice Cooper in a tux, doffing a top hat and clutching a cane. It's the 160-pound snake, draped over his shoulders and across his lap, its fat, scaly skin iridescent, that's the show stealer. Talk about putting the squeeze on. Which is entirely the point of John Varvatos' fall 2007 ad campaign.
June 19, 2008 | Richard Cromelin
When the elements are aligned, the Hollywood Bowl can transform a pop music concert into something larger than life. Take it from someone who's been hitting the hill for 45 years: On certain nights, it's not just good or bad. It's heaven or hell. Start with heaven, please. How about Elton John in 1973, in the full flower of his flamboyant youth and with cash to lavish on an over-the-top extravaganza? It included five grand pianos filled with doves and with a letter of his name on each, "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace as hostess, and a stageful of cultural icons -- Queen Elizabeth, Elvis, Groucho Marx, Mae West (they were impersonators of course, but that was part of the fun)
May 8, 2012 | By Amy Kaufman
Johnny DeppĀ and Tim BurtonĀ are longtime collaborators, having worked on eight films together. Their latest,"Dark Shadows," follows in the quirky, comedic vein of many of their movies, with Depp starring as an 18th century vampire awakened in 1972. Because of their familiarity with one another, the eccentric filmmaker and actor sometimes appeared to be in their own world on set. "You can kind of tell that they seem to have a shorthand," Depp's costar Jackie Earle Haley said at the film's premiere in Hollywood on Monday evening.
March 16, 2008 | Jenny Sundel
A-LISTERS feted the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum a month ago, and now LACMA and W magazine got the fashionistas involved with an Avant-Garde gala March 8 to encourage young philanthropy. 1. My Barbarian took to the stairs to exhibit its own brand of performance art -- feather duster and all -- and magician David Malek set out to shock and awe with his sleight-of-hand handiwork. While the LA Flash slide show documented the city's eclectic 1973 street style, several partygoers opted for similar black-and-white duds, including 2. Brittany Murphy, 3. Rashida Jones, left, with fellow host committee member Ginnifer Goodwin, and 4. Ali Larter.
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