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February 6, 2005
Your cover story "The Incredible Journey" (by Robert Salladay, Jan. 23) initially appealed to me because I occasionally want to run away from it all. However, by the end of the story I felt sick. What a coward Franz Wisner appears to be. I was raised on food stamps and welfare with four sisters and a single mother who commuted 50 miles each way to earn her English degree and teaching credential. She did not quit. She got us off of welfare. I put myself through college and overcame labels such as "hyper" and "retard" and the demon of alcohol.
February 5, 2005
The following decisions have converted the Lakers from perennial champions to future lottery pick: 1) Letting Jerry West leave. 2) Hiring Mitch Kupchak, who signed Devean George to an extension. 3) Choosing Kobe over Shaq and Phil Jackson. 4) Hiring a coach with health problems after everyone else turned down the job. 5) Not recognizing that no one wanted to coach the Lakers due to decisions 1 through 3. Patrick Duff Aliso Viejo What took Rudy T. so long?
February 1, 2005 | David Reyes and Ron Lin, Times Staff Writers
A domestic disturbance may have fueled the anger of an Aliso Viejo man who police say deliberately plowed his sport-utility vehicle into a parked vehicle on Monday, killing a woman walking to her car. George William Carter II, 34, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after he pinned the woman with his Ford Expedition against a Mercedes SUV in his apartment building's parking structure, authorities said. Elizabeth Leon Noverola, 37, of Aliso Viejo was pronounced dead at the scene.
January 20, 2005
Re " 'Open Space' Doesn't Always Mean Forever," Jan. 17: I remember 10 years ago being in a carwash lobby, waiting for my car, and seeing a photo of south Orange County taken almost 50 years ago. The amount of available land has been constantly shrinking and, with Montage resort setting its sights on the Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park for yet another golf course, one wonders when enough is enough? The county owes it to the citizens, and the citizens owe it to the environment, to leave this (and other parks)
January 8, 2005
Now Kobe has a problem with Michael Cooper. I think I know how Kobe injured his foot. He keeps inserting it into his mouth. Patrick Duff Aliso Viejo In regard to Kobe Bryant: How's that solo career working out, Mr. Garfunkel? Greg Poirier Santa Monica
December 25, 2004
Kobe, from your interview with Mike Bresnahan (Dec. 23), I'm glad to hear you will pass to your teammates if you are double-teamed. Let us recap your contributions from the Dec. 17 overtime game against Washington. Five-minute overtime begins: 4:34 Bryant shot blocked. 3:55 Bryant misses layup. 2:30 Bryant misses six-footer. 2:05 Bryant makes 27-footer. 1:22 Bryant misses 26-footer. 0:38 Bryant misses layup. 0:33 Bryant makes two free throws. 0:08 Bryant makes 26-footer.
December 25, 2004 | Dave McKibben, Times Staff Writer
Nine months after Aliso Viejo officials tentatively accepted an offer from a church-connected charity to build a $15-million recreation center on leased city land, the proposal has stalled. Attorneys for the Lake Forest foundation behind the offer are investigating how to protect the charity from litigation relating to the separation of church and state, and the process has halted the project for now.
December 3, 2004 | Roger Vincent
Parker Properties will develop two speculative office buildings and a hotel all valued at $110 million in Aliso Viejo, the developer said. The south Orange County builder plans to start work in the spring on two four-story office buildings with a combined total of 260,000 square feet. No tenants have yet been signed for the offices at 20 and 30 Enterprise in the Summit Office Campus.
November 23, 2004
Regarding "Dust-Up in Baja" [Nov. 16], on the Baja 500: The article makes off-roaders out to be a bunch of Earth-hating environment destroyers. The truth is the majority of off-roaders are much more respectful of the environment than the talentless clowns that write about them. Jeff Polley Lake Arrowhead You attack a group you know nothing about. I invite you to come out and watch a race, meet up with some teams and talk with them. They don't do it for the money; a lot of these teams do it for the camaraderie.
November 11, 2004
Re "He Won. Live With It, for Now." Commentary, Nov. 9: Thank you, Robert Scheer, for your lucid analysis of our present situation with President Bush. I am among the millions of disappointed Democrats, so not entirely unbiased in my views. This election has been a wake-up call, and we will need to be even more vigilant concerning the environment and the deficit, not to mention the hot-button issues of abortion rights, gay marriage and Iraq/ terrorism. We can only hope you are correct, that Bush will soon be quacking like the lame duck he is. Carolyn King Silverdale, Wash.
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