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April 17, 2013 | By Russ Parsons
Green almonds have always had cachet - to find them, you really had to know somebody who knew somebody. But nothing stays hidden for long in today's food world and this year, for the first time I'm aware of, almond producers are making an effort to get green almonds into the marketplace. They're still pretty tough to find, but at least they're not hidden under the farmers market tables anymore. Green almonds are immature nuts. They look like almonds covered in a fuzzy green wrapping.
January 29, 2013 | By Noelle Carter
Both tart fresh apple slices and dried apple chips flavor this salad, tossed with sliced onion, lightly spiced candied almonds, julienned strips of chicken and creamy goat cheese. The salad is tossed with a bright Champagne vinaigrette. The whole recipe, including the candied almonds, comes together in about an hour, perfect as a side or a light meal. For more quick-fix dinner ideas, check out our video recipe gallery . Food editor Russ Parsons and Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter show you how to fix several dishes in an hour or less.
January 22, 2013 | By Betty Hallock
You don't have to be an adherent of raw food (nothing heated to more than 115 degrees) to appreciate some dishes in the raw. A story about the new raw food restaurant M.A.K.E. and its culinary academy uncovers a cuisine that's coming in from the fringe. (Who doesn't love zucchini "noodle" lasagna, anyway?) "I think now a lot of people who are not strict about raw food are incorporating it into their diets," says M.A.K.E. owner Matthew Kenney.  Much of the cuisine at M.A.K.E.
January 20, 2013 | By Noelle Carter
This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Annette Farmer in Mar Vista: "I understand that the previous incarnation of the cafe at Nordstrom in the Westside Pavilion is now closed. They used to have a chicken salad that included chicken breast, green apple slices, baby greens or spring mix greens and some sort of cheese (possibly goat milk but not feta) and a very light dressing. Any chance you can get your hands on that recipe?" Both tart fresh apple slices and dried apple chips flavor this salad, also tossed with sliced onion, lightly spiced candied almonds, julienned strips of chicken and creamy goat cheese.
December 26, 2012 | By Catherine Green
In the last year, Prudential Financial Inc. has plowed money into lemons and avocados in Ventura County, almonds and mandarins in the Central Valley and strawberries in Santa Cruz County. The insurance giant is just one of many players, including highly specialized investors and large pension funds, that have snapped up California farmland recently. The buying spree has helped push farm and ranch land values to record highs, raising questions about how long the boom might last and what effect it might have on the state's important agricultural sector.
December 15, 2012
My 98-year-old mother was a wonderful baker, and this was one of her specialties. - Laurel Gillis, Burbank PHOTOS: Holiday Cookie Bake-off winning cookies and bakers Almond sweeties Total time: 45 minutes Servings: 12 to 18 Note: Adapted from Laurel Gillis. 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar, divided 1 egg, separated 1 teaspoon almond extract 2 cups (8.5 ounces)
December 11, 2012 | By Noelle Carter
A mixture of ground nuts -- such as hazelnut and almonds -- sugar and liquid (egg whites and perhaps a liqueur), nut pastes are frequently added to baked cakes, tarts and pastries for added richness and flavor. Although prepared almond and hazelnut pastes (and marzipan, a sweetened almond paste) can be found at many gourmet markets and specialty stores, they can easily be made at home. Continue reading below for recipes for homemade pastes, including the hazelnut paste we used when adapting Valerie Confections' hazelnut-orange tea cakes , pictured at left, for our Culinary SOS column (they take a little time, but these amazing little cakes are well worth the effort!
December 2, 2012 | By Noelle Carter
Kristen Johnson of Santa Monica was one of the 10 winners of last year's Los Angeles Times Holiday Cookie Bake-Off with almond candy cane cookies: "My mother, Wendy Johnson , had me brainwashed as a child. Chocolate cake with almond frosting for my birthday? Yes! Sugar cookies with almond flavoring? Delicious. It wasn't until I was in college and I made my roommate the homemade chocolate cake with almond frosting that I quickly learned my mom totally messed me up. Apparently using almond in lieu of vanilla flavoring in everything is not normal.
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