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July 11, 2004 | Chris Suellentrop, Chris Suellentrop is the deputy Washington bureau chief for Slate.
When David Brooks published "Bobos in Paradise" to wide acclaim four years ago, it was hard not to wonder what Thomas Frank thought about all the fuss. Frank, after all, had been writing about the same theme -- the merger, among the upper class, of consumer culture and the counterculture -- for years from his perch as founding editor of the Baffler, a journal of cultural critique.
June 27, 2004 | Janelle Brown, Special to The Times
"Marriage is the only adventure open to the cowardly," wrote Voltaire. Apparently, things were different back in the 18th century. Today, it takes an extreme measure of courage -- not to mention money, ingenuity and a dose of monomaniacal neurosis -- to embark on a wedding. This, at least, is the conclusion that you might arrive at if you'd turned on cable TV this month.
June 17, 2004 | David Klinghoffer, David Klinghoffer is a columnist for the Jewish Forward. His latest book is "The Discovery of God: Abraham and the Birth of Monotheism" (Doubleday, 2003).
Everyone knows that the place of religion in the public sphere is facing serious challenges. There is some confusion, however, about where those challenges come from. Is it from civil libertarians? Atheists? Actually, no. The larger answer to the question may surprise you. Consider the Supreme Court's decision to overturn a ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that struck the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance.
June 14, 2004 | Scott Collins, Times Staff Writer
During her 15 years at ABC News, Diane Sawyer has interviewed presidents and reported stories about biological warfare, terrorist attacks and life under the Taliban. But starting tonight, she'll train her investigative eye on a far different topic: America's funniest nuptials.
May 21, 2004 | Anthony Day, Special to The Times
The temperament of TV anchors and interviewers affects the news we see and those who make it. We believed Walter Cronkite, the man who talked the nation into space, when he told us the war in Vietnam wasn't going well. The late David Brinkley found a willing audience when he implied we should treat politicians with contempt. Today, Tom Brokaw is ironic and sophisticated. Peter Jennings seems to be saying he has seen things worse than you can imagine. Dan Rather seems ever more raspy as he ages.
March 12, 2004 | Patrick Dillon, Special to The Times
Pali Cooper and Jeanne Rizzo, a Marin County couple who have been together for 15 years, had been planning their wedding for nearly four weeks, since the first same-sex weddings were performed in the great rotunda of San Francisco's City Hall. Cooper, a 48-year-old chiropractor and Rizzo, 57, head of the San Francisco-based national Breast Cancer Fund, had made an appointment for Thursday afternoon. They arrived at 2:15 p.m.
February 27, 2004 | Greg Chamberlain, Greg Chamberlain has reported on Haiti and the Caribbean since 1970 and is the former Caribbean specialist for the British daily the Guardian.
The deepening crisis in Haiti -- Latin America's own "failed state" -- is rich in the symbolism, drama and passions of its violent birth as the world's first independent black republic.
February 18, 2004 | Don Shirley, Times Staff Writer
Lewis Black's "One Slight Hitch" is one slight farce, about the process of getting hitched. The hitch in the plot is that the ex-boyfriend of the bride shows up, uninvited, during the frantic last-minute preparations for a wedding in an upper-middle-class Ohio household in 1983. For reasons that defy sensible explanation, the ex-boyfriend wears only boxer shorts through most of the first act. Slamming doors and hiding under tables, he's trying to elude discovery by half of the other characters.
January 6, 2004 | Tracy Wilson, Times Staff Writer
A second lawsuit has been filed against a former Catholic priest accused of molesting boys while he served as a pastor at a Camarillo church. The suit was filed late last month in Ventura County Superior Court by a former altar boy, now 43, who alleges he was sexually abused by the priest between 1971 and 1973 after the pastor was transferred to St. Mary Magdalen Church in Camarillo. The suit alleges that the priest abused two boys at another Southern California parish before he was transferred.
November 24, 2003 | Jennifer Fisher, Special to The Times
Sometimes ballet is all about longing for the divine, without being the least bit divine, which does not make for a good evening of dance. If you think of the latest offering of mixed works by the ballet-oriented local company La Danserie as a gathering place where the hopeful came to worship, it was one that provided only the outline of a dance sanctuary.
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