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December 22, 1996 | SCOTT STEEPLETON
A 40-year-old Van Nuys man suffered a broken knee and two other people received scrapes and bruises Saturday after they were struck by a car while riding their bicycles in Thousand Oaks. The cyclists were heading east on Triunfo Canyon Road at 10 a.m., when 69-year-old Louise Davis of Dallas allegedly turned her 1995 Jeep Cherokee left in front of them at South Westlake Boulevard, according to Senior Sheriff's Deputy William Therrien. Three cyclists were thrown to the roadway. Ken Plummer sustained a broken left knee and was taken by ambulance to Columbia Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks.
May 25, 1997
Re: Ventura's newest paramedics. Please help me understand why a county should regulate the ambulance business? Bottom line, the health and safety of the citizens must come first. If the city of Ventura or San Bernardino can respond faster than private industry, it makes sense that it would stay public. What is private industry afraid of? It makes sense that using the city's paramedics would save precious time since Ventura's dispatcher received the call. Also, Ventura Fire Department practices with the Ventura paramedics.
March 12, 1989
Does anybody buy advertising time on local daytime TV besides ambulance chasers and diploma mills? The lawyers are bad enough but the trade schools are even worse. At best they offer mostly inadequate instruction and charge scandalous fees. It's infuriating to have to listen to this propaganda seven or eight times every half-hour. How about more straightforward product advertising and less of the rip-off artists? Roger Little, Montclair
February 6, 1986 | United Press International
Congressional critics said that President Reagan's 1987 budget was "dead on arrival," but, when the Administration delivered it to reporters Wednesday by ambulance, the apparent intention was to stress that it is just sick and can be revived. As reporters waited in a drizzle outside the Government Printing Office for the budget to be released at 7:30 a.m., an ambulance with sirens blaring screeched to a halt and two attendants wheeled a gurney to the door.
December 5, 2009 | By Sergei L. Loiko
Indoor pyrotechnics sparked a blaze in a packed nightclub in the Russian city of Perm early today that killed at least 102 people and injured 135, emergency ministry officials said. Many of the victims succumbed to fumes or were trampled as partygoers stampeded toward the doors and jammed the exits of the Lame Horse nightclub, which was especially crowded because the establishment was celebrating its eighth anniversary, said Darya Kochneva, a spokeswoman for the regional office of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
February 28, 1989
The award of $21.75 million to Hudson's lover for his "emotional distress" makes a laughing stock of justice in this country, and opens a veritable Pandora's box. Unless this verdict is eventually reversed, one can foresee an army of "ambulance chasers" entering the scene. Every living or recently deceased AIDS victim who had some wealth will now be a possible legal target by any of his previous sex partners, even if they did not in fact contact the disease. Perhaps the assessment of damages should not be done by juries, but by a committee of realistic professional experts.
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