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November 7, 1986
My first reactions upon reading about the fundamentalist Christian families who objected to their children reading various literary works and fairy tales in school were a mixture of amusement, understanding, and sadness. Amusement because the works mentioned are considered by most Americans as innocuous at worst and worthwhile and educational at best. As a rebellious teen-ager I recall telling my father that if everyone's actions and beliefs were limited to those of their parents we would still be living in caves.
March 4, 2001
Re "Judge Voids Jury Verdict in Halloween-Prank Shooting" Feb. 24: Here are two definitions. A prank is something done to provoke laughter or amusement. A theft is an act of stealing. The first is playful and harmless; the second, a crime. These were not two little boys out having fun. They were both young men out intentionally hurting others for their own amusement. ROBERT SPENCER Westminster I have felt the fear of being at the mercy of teenagers who hunt in packs and think of themselves above the law. I have no tolerance for any kind of vandalism and would like to see the punishment for graffiti or petty theft handled as I understand it is in Indonesia or Singapore, with public flogging or public humiliation.
August 2, 1985 | DANIEL AKST
The president of financially troubled Malibu Grand Prix Corp. has resigned from its board of directors, and the Woodland Hills-based amusement center company is "engaged in discussions" about his status as president and chief operating officer as well, the company said Thursday. Neither the president, Edward T. Peabody Jr., nor the chairman and chief executive, Ira L. Young, could be reached for comment.
November 9, 1997
In regard to your Oct. 22 article "Knotts Agree to Sell Park," I'd have to say it's quite nice to see that someone is going to make the effort to expand the park. Knott's Berry Farm is actually a small amusement park, especially when compared with its competition, such as Disneyland. The attractions that Knott's is composed of are exhilarating and fun, yet there just aren't enough of them. It's obvious to one who has been to other amusement parks that Knott's is nowhere near as busy.
October 1, 2000
I was dismayed to read that the new Disney California Adventure theme park is seeking to be an "edgier" type of amusement park ["Disney Reaches for New Audience," Sept. 20]. I think that is a big mistake. We already have enough "edgy" places to go and "edgy" things to do in this world. If I want "edgy" real life, I can go to Venice Beach. If I want "edgy" artificial life, I can go see almost any movie or watch almost any TV show. If I want to hear "edgy" music or listen to "edgy" conversation, I just have to tune in to almost any radio station.
June 15, 2012 | By Laura Hautala
Car Land's best-reviewed ride -- Radiator Springs Racers -- broke down on opening morning of the newest land at the Disney California Adventure park. Riders stranded when the ride stopped Friday were escorted away safely, and workers -- appropriately wearing mechanics' costumes -- walked  onto the tracks to inspect. The ride got going again a little more than an hour after halting. Debbie Heaton, 41, emerged from it, saying it was worth the wait -- “Because it was racing!
September 17, 1989 | Ricky Jay, Jay is the author of "Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women" and the host of a forthcoming CBS-TV special of the same name. He is the curator of the Mulholland Library of Conjuring and the Allied Arts in Los Angeles
Welcome to the world of Mysterious Aztecs, Ferocious Zulus, Annamite Dwarfs, Invincible Afghans, Pagan Burmese Priests, the Fejee Mermaid, the Wooly Horse, Tom Thumb, Jenny Lind and the Three Ring Circus. Welcome to the world of a man who counted as his friends or acquaintances Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Joaquin Muller, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Ward Beecher, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria and Brigham Young. Welcome to the world of Phineas Taylor Barnum.
July 2, 1992 | JENNIFER LEVITZ
It would be called "White Water Canyon" and would be, by most fun-seekers' standards, a major amusement park: 82 acres of sophisticated water slides, four raft-filled swimming pools, gift shops and snack bars, all surrounded by a 1,350-space parking lot. But it's not plans for another Los Angeles or Orlando attraction. White Water Canyon would sit just west of Highway 15, near the intersection of Dear Springs and Mountain Meadow roads in Escondido. It is questionable, of course, whether such a water park could ever become part of a North County entertainment guide.
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