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Amy Madigan

December 4, 1985 | MORGAN GENDEL, Times Staff Writer
Home Box Office and its made-for-pay film "Sakharov" were the big winners at the seventh annual Awards for Cable Excellence (ACE), which were scheduled for presentation Tuesday night at the Beverly Theatre. The story of Soviet dissident Andrei D. Sakharov, which starred Jason Robards and Glenda Jackson as his wife Yelena Bonner, became one of HBO's most-watched films when it was telecast in September, 1984.
May 28, 1986 | JON MARKMAN, Markman is a Times copy editor. and
Loren Grey hated his father, one of America's most prolific Western writers and adventurers. He hated Zane Grey for his looks, for his charm and for his talent. Unlike other resentful sons and daughters of the famous, however, he has attempted to flee his father's shadow through an act of literary homage rather than vengeance in a recently released book of memoirs and photographs. Catalogue of Adventures The book, "Zane Grey: A Photographic Odyssey" (Taylor Publishing Co., $19.
November 19, 1993 | JEANNINE STEIN
The Scene: The benefit premiere of "The Piano," director Jane Campion's latest film, at the Directors Guild on Wednesday night (see movie review, F1). Intense industry execs and celebs from Donna Mills to Jack Nicholson hung around after the film for brie and low-key schmooze in the lobby, where photographers excitedly tried to capture Sean Penn in their lenses. The evening netted about $40,000 for the Actors' Fund of America, which aids entertainment professionals in need.
September 30, 1988 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
"The Prince of Pennsylvania" (selected theaters) takes place in Quaker State mine country. It's a scarred-looking, played-out area of dead hills and gray skies, where memories of the Harlan County mine war era mix with punk horror, electric evangelism, drive-in promiscuity and rock 'n' roll bikers. An interesting mix. And, at first, a promising directorial debut by screenwriter Ron Nyswaner ("Smithereens"). But, sadly, Nyswaner isn't content with the texture of small-town life and character.
March 9, 1990 | TERRY ATKINSON
ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" isn't the only place you can send those camcorder productions you're so proud of. If you have something considerably more ambitious than a shot of junior accidentally hitting Dad in the groin with a baseball (ever notice how much of the "funny" stuff in that show is based on pain?), then you might like to submit it to the sixth annual "Visions of U.S." contest.
June 24, 1990 | JANICE ARKATOV
Theatrical glasnost continues, as Moscow's Theater on Spartacus Square arrives Friday at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Ludmila Rasumovskaya's modern Soviet drama, "Dear Yelena Sergievna,". "It's a very dark play," noted company general manager Pavel Belinsky via an interpreter. "Four Russian students come to their teacher to celebrate her birthday, but really to get the key for the safe where their exams are.
The idea was to dramatize world hunger--to drive home just how inequitably food is distributed in the world--and most of the celebrities who attended the Second Annual Hollywood Hunger Banquet on Thursday wound up sitting on the floor and eating a meager portion of rice with their fingers.
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