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June 4, 2012 | By Michelle Maltais
Instapaper, yet another app that's been missing from Android, makes its debut, again minus some features available for iPhones and iPads. Like Instagram, Instapaper doesn't have all the bells and whistles the iOS app does. "We're working hard to add additional features to Instapaper for Android," according to a company blog post . "We believe that we've captured the core Instapaper experience but can't wait to make the app even better. " The Android app, which allows you to save Web pages for offline reading later, does include adjustable fonts, Dark Mode for reading in low light, folders, rotation lock and native Android sharing.
April 26, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
The Tonino Lamborghini Antares is not like any other smartphone, and that's because it's mostly an expensive piece of jewelry. The Antares is a $4,000 device built by an Italian brand that makes accessories for the upper crust. Tonino Lamborghini is not associated with the sports car company, but it uses very similar branding and is owned by the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man who created the automobile brand. And like the famous Lamborghini vehicles, the Antares is an eye-catching object.
April 4, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Facebook has officially announced Facebook Home to make Android-powered smartphones more Facebook-centric. It's a free interface Android users can download as of April 12. "With Home you see your world through people, not apps," Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday at the Facebook Home launch. LIVE DISCUSSION: Join us as we talk about Facebook Home at 2 p.m. With Facebook Home, users see the latest content shared by their friends on the lock screen of their phones.
April 21, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
If you've ever wondered what a $4,000 smartphone looks like, we'll be unboxing one this afternoon. The Tonino Lamborghini Antares is a luxury smartphone that is set to go on sale in the U.S. this spring after launching in Russia and China late last year. The Android gadget is encased in stainless steel and leather. It is geared toward high-income users who want their smartphone as much for its ability to make a status statement as its functionality. LIVE DISCUSSION: Join us at 2:30 p.m. as we unbox the Tonino Lamborghini Antares The device features a 4-inch screen, a 13-megapixel rear camera and comes with 32-gigabytes of storage.
June 3, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Vine, the popular Twitter-owned mobile video social network, is now available for Android users. Twitter released a Vine app for Android devices Monday morning, about four months after launching exclusively for Apple devices. Since launching, Vine has been a hit for Twitter, gaining more than 13 million users. Some have called it the Instagram of video. The social network consists of looping six-second videos. Users can easily create Vine videos by touching their phone's device to record.
May 18, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Motorola was given bad news by the U.S. International Trade Commission, which banned several of its smartphones from coming into the country due to an infringement of a Microsoft patent. A total of 18 devices Motorola devices running Android, including the Droid, were affected by the ban, which was issued Friday. The ban affects Motorola's Blur devices as well as Google Experience mobile devices, a Microsoft spokeswoman told Bloomberg News. The decision goes back to a 2010 complaint filed by Microsoft claiming that Motorola violated nine of its patents, according to PCMag . Motorola said it will not be immediately impacted by the decision because of a 60-day presidential review period where it can continue to import the devices, but it must pay 33 cents for each unit it brings in. "Although we are disappointed by the commission's ruling that certain Motorola Mobility products violated one patent, we look forward to reading the full opinion to understand its reasoning," the company said in a statement.
May 16, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Google is changing the way it approaches the production of new Android smartphones, seeking to end fragmentation among phones running the many different versions of its OS. For its upcoming line of Nexus smartphones and tablets, Google will give early access to up to five manufacturers in order to bring some form of unity to the devices running the Android operating system. Previously, Google would work with a single manufacturer at a time, helping it produce a lead device.
May 30, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Following Samsung's lead, HTC will begin selling next month a version of its flagship smartphone, the HTC One, with Google's "stock Android" operating system.  The phone will be sold starting June 26 for $599 in a version that will work with AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The stock phone caters to users who want the default version of Android and not the versions that have been modified by phone manufacturers. PHOTOS: Top smartphones of 2013 The stock versions were reserved for Google's own line of Nexus smartphones and tablets, but earlier this month, Google announced that it would begin selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 running stock Android.
December 28, 2012 | By Eric Pincus
The Lakers have released an official mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. Partnered with developer Lucid Appeal, the Lakers app provides "news, statistics, schedules, image and video gallery, user profiles, and more," according to a release from the team. "Launching this mobile app is a part of our long term strategy to engage Lakers fans across digital platforms and deliver content to fans in all the ways they want to consume it. We're excited for this launch, but even more so for the long-term road map we have for the mobile app and the dynamic features coming in future versions," said Nick Kioski, director of new media and technology for the Lakers.  To download the free app, navigate to the App Store on an iOS device, or to Google Play on an Android device.
April 9, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Google's digital store for Android smartphone users is getting a face-lift. Google announced Tuesday that it has begun to roll out a new look for the mobile version of Google Play, its rival to Apple's iTunes. Some users around the world will see the new design starting Tuesday, then over time, more and more users will see the redesign on their devices. Currently, the mobile store is text heavy, but the redesign will change that and instead emphasize the use of large images. QUIZ: How much do you know about Google?
March 31, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Hungry for doughnuts? Let Doughbot guide you to the nearest shop. Doughbot is a new app released this month for the iPhone and iPad that helps users quickly find the nearest doughnut shops in their vicinities. "Never be lost without doughnuts again. Ever," the app's description reads.  PHOTOS: Comparing the HTC One (M8), iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5 Pulling information from users' smartphone GPS, Doughbot quickly finds the closest doughnut shops. Users can see the shops in a list, scroll through them or see them all on a map -- represented by big round sprinkled doughnut icons.
March 28, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Wish you looked thinner in your selfies? Well, as always, there's an app for that. A new iPhone app called SkinneePix bills itself as an easy way to edit your selfies to look as much as 15 pounds skinnier. "It's easy. Simple. Fun. Our little secret," the app's Twitter bio says. The $0.99 app launched earlier this month and lets users quickly shave five, 10 or 15 pounds off their selfie with just a tap of their finger. VIDEO: Unboxing the HTC One (M8) The app is the first by Pretty Smart Women, a company by Phoenix couple Susan Green and Robin J. Phillips.
March 21, 2014 | By Lily Dayton
If organization is a vehicle that helps us achieve our goals, then time management is the oil that keeps the vehicle running. "Time management has a huge role in organization. Anything you want to do in life you have to make time for," says Julie Morgenstern, organizational guru and author of "Time Management From the Inside Out. " She approaches time management the same way she approaches cleaning out a closet. Like sorting objects into bins, she sorts tasks into the appropriate time slot.
March 8, 2014 | By Paresh Dave
A smart phone app that allows users to post messages anonymously is coming under fire for fostering cyberbullying, leading to at least two juvenile arrests, school phone-use bans and several campus lockdowns. Scrutiny of the 4-month-old   Yik Yak app   for Android and Apple devices has spread from the Southeast to the Northeast to the Midwest and, this week, to the West Coast. The app has registered more than 10,000 downloads on Google's Play Store and, according to   AppAnnie , has cracked the top 100 most popular apps on Apple's App Store.
March 6, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
QuizUp, a popular mobile game that had been available exclusively for Apple iOS users, launched Thursday for Android devices. The game allows users to face off against their friends by taking quizzes. Users choose a topic and then must answers questions correctly and as quickly as possible in order to get a higher score than their opponent. QuizUp offers a wide selection of topics, including the "House of Cards" Netflix series, music from the 2000s and flags from around the world.
March 3, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
"If only Bradley [Cooper]'s arm was longer," Ellen DeGeneres wrote in her record-breaking Oscars tweet that contains arguably the most epic selfie in history. But could DeGeneres and friends have taken a better picture? Although the selfie has been retweeted nearly 3 million times , caused Twitter to experience outages and contains a dozen stars, there's one company that thinks its technology could've snapped a better photo. PointGrab, an Israeli tech company, said CamMe, its free photo app, would have enabled DeGeneres to fit more celebrities into her picture (as well as the entirety of supporting actor winner Jared Leto's face)
December 4, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
The former head of Android is now working on a new robotics effort for Google. Andy Rubin, who cofounded and then led the Android mobile platform up until this year, is turning his passion for robots into a new "moonshot" venture for the Mountain View, Calif., tech company, the New York Times reported Wednesday. Though few details have been revealed by Rubin or Google, the robotics effort is targeted at manufacturers and aims to improve the way Google and other companies assemble and deliver products.
May 15, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Google announced Wednesday that 900 million Android devices have now been activated, up by 500 million from last year. The company made the announcement at its Google I/O developer's conference in San Francisco. Google also announced that 48 billion apps have been installed from its digital store, not too far off from Apple's 49.9 billion app downloads. The announcement came just before various Google executives took the stage to begin announcing new features for its mobile operating system.
February 24, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Nokia announced three low-cost smartphones that run the Google Android operating system. In recent years, Nokia primarily powered its smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system, but limitations of that platform prevented the phone maker from building low-priced, entry-level devices. Nokia changed that Monday by introducing the Nokia X line, which includes the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL. The devices will be available for 89, 99 and 109 euros, respectively, or about $122, $135 and $150, all before any carrier subsidies.
February 12, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Security researchers are warning Android users not to install versions of Flappy Bird found in alternative app stores as they may contain malware that could lead to unwanted charges on their phone bills. Flappy Bird is a mobile game that rose to popularity over the last few months but was suddenly removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play last weekend. Since then, some Android users have turned to alternative app stores to install Flappy Bird clones that have the same name and icon and deliver the same game play.
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