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The government approved a longer-lasting version of the anemia treatment EPO on Tuesday, giving Amgen Inc. its first significant new drug in a decade. The Food and Drug Administration approved Aranesp as an alternative to EPO for patients with anemia caused by chronic kidney disease, including those on dialysis. Aranesp is as effective as EPO but can be administered less often, a potential convenience for patients.
In a major legal victory for Amgen, a federal appeals court in Washington late Tuesday upheld the company's patent on a valuable biotechnology drug while invalidating a rival patent by Genetics Institute Inc. The decision secures a monopoly for Amgen on a potential $400-million-a-year drug market and solidifies the Thousand Oaks company's position as the nation's dominant biotechnology concern. The news rocketed Amgen's stock to a record close Wednesday of $113 per share, up $12 for the day.
February 5, 2010 | By Richard Winton
Actress Brittany Murphy's sudden death at 32 was due to pneumonia exacerbated by anemia and a harmful combination of medications. Ending weeks of speculation in the entertainment media over the Dec. 20 death of the "Clueless" and "8 Mile" star, the Los Angeles County coroner announced Thursday that the primary cause was "community-acquired pneumonia," with contributing factors of "iron deficiency anemia" and "multiple drug intoxication." The drugs involved were prescription and over-the-counter medications she took orally, said Ed Winter, assistant chief at the L.A. County coroner's office.
June 13, 2007
Re "Hollywood horror films suffer box office anemia," June 9 Finally, some good news! ELAINE LIVESEY-FASSEL Los Angeles
September 9, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
A factory that manufactures bombs for the U.S. military has suspended production of "bunker buster" penetration bombs after workers at the plant developed anemia, officials said. Officials at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant said that the anemia was likely caused by the employees' increased exposure to the explosive TNT during a heavy production schedule.
April 27, 1989 | From Times wire service s
A doctor told a federal inquiry today he gave Canada's top female sprinter anabolic steroids "for no medical reason" because she thought it would improve her track performance. Referring to 10-year-old medical charts and records, Dr. Gunter Helge Koch told a federal inquiry he injected Angella Issajenko with depotestosterone--a derivative of male hormone--"for no medical reason." "It was on demand," Koch said, adding he first gave her the drug in 1979 to treat chronic anemia.
April 10, 1997
Splash forward Oliver Wyss has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, the team announced Wednesday. Wyss, 20, a Swiss native who was a rookie on last year's squad, was scheduled to receive a bone marrow transplant from his 29-year-old brother Wednesday at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte. Aplastic anemia is a rare blood disorder that causes an unexplained failure of the marrow to produce blood cells.
February 3, 1987
Liberace, the flamboyant showman who parlayed a white piano and candelabra into a show business legend, was near death as family and friends gathered at his Palm Springs home, his publicist said. "It looks like death is imminent," said Denise Collier, press agent for the 67-year-old entertainer. "It's going to be within the next 24 to 48 hours." Collier described Liberace as being in a semi-conscious state suffering from pernicious anemia, complicated by advanced emphysema and heart disease.
September 26, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had cancer surgery earlier this year, made a quick return to work after feeling ill at the office and spending Thursday night in a hospital as a precaution. The 76-year-old justice was released from Washington Hospital Center in the morning and was at her desk by early afternoon, the court said. Ginsburg became lightheaded in her office Thursday afternoon after receiving treatment for anemia. Although she was found to be stable after an examination, the court said, she was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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