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September 6, 1992
I, a senior citizen, was driving north on Woodman Avenue in a 20-year-old Dodge Dart last Thursday, trying to keep a doctor's appointment, when my car suddenly stopped and refused to start. When I realized that my gas tank was empty, I became frightened. There I was in the middle of the street near the freeway entrance, surrounded by very heavy traffic. Cars were honking at me from all directions. I was scared, alone and helpless. I decided to remain calm, ignore the honking and find the nearest phone to call for help.
December 24, 2005
Dear Arte: As a loyal Angel fan, I and 27,999 other season-ticket holders are curious if you plan on using any of that extra money, after raising our ticket prices by 20%, on any players? It seems that a lot of free agents have been signed by other teams and all you have done is let a fan favorite (Bengie) and a starting pitcher (Washburn) get away. Would you mind getting back to us on that one in the near future? KEN BABINEAU Costa Mesa
December 18, 1985 | JACK MATHEWS, Times Staff Writer
What do you tell your kids to do if a stranger comes along and tries to start a conversation? Simple. "Never talk to strangers." Now, what if a stranger comes along and says, "Hi, I'm an angel. I used to be a cowboy but I drowned trying to save a kid like you and now I live in heaven. Would you to like to go to the North Pole with me and meet my good friend Santa?" That one is really simple. "Run and tell Mommy and Daddy and they will get the people with nets to come and take the stranger away."
September 1, 2001
As an Angel fan, I take exception to the recent spate of criticism that Angel fans do not support the team. We do--we're just not as vocal, rude and obnoxious as fans of some of the more prominent East Coast teams. Their presence at Edison Field makes attendance at the games an unpleasant experience--especially for those of us who cannot justify the expense of season tickets and always seem to be surrounded by loudmouthed boors supporting the opponents. I long ago gave up trying to go to any Yankee game because I can't stand the behavior of the Yankee fans.
December 27, 1997
As an Angel fan for all 18 years of my life, I have been a faithful one, and now I have become a cynical one. The Angels have a knack for signing players just out of their prime. Nothing against Cecil Fielder, but is he the cure-all that the Angels need? Isn't the reason they gave up Chili Davis was to speed up the team? How does Cecil Fielder fit into Terry Collins' aggressive baserunning? Sure Fielder is a welcome addition and possibly a steal at $2.8 million, but the problem is pitching: They should work on that.
April 17, 1999
Why trade Garret Anderson and Troy Glaus for a middle-of-the-road pitcher like Roger Clemens when you have outstanding pitchers like Ken Hill and Tim Belcher? DAVE KOSSACK, Fullerton So the Angels may have lost Mo Vaughn for a month or so, but look at the money they saved by not putting a railing in front of the visitors' dugout. EDDY HILL, Sherman Oaks
Having fulfilled their promise to trade Dick Schofield if he wasn't their starting shortstop this season, the Angels now hope right-hander Julio Valera will fulfill the promise he showed in the New York Mets' farm system. The Angels traded Schofield on Sunday for Valera. The Angels will also receive a player later. "The fact is we needed a pitcher, and we didn't feel we had one of that quality," said Whitey Herzog, the Angels' senior vice president for player personnel.
April 23, 1993 | MIKE PENNER
They are wary and they are weary, their scar tissue now calloused by 32 years of false starts and worse finishes, as the slow groan of the Anaheim Stadium turnstiles will attest. One here. One there. A mere 17,000 or 18,000 a night. But people are talking, which, considering the state of the franchise three weeks ago, is the next best thing to being there. "Break up the Angels," Barry Melrose quipped to reporters after his Kings completed a Thursday afternoon workout.
January 2, 1985 | ROSS NEWHAN
Joe Torre, fired last year as manager of the Atlanta Braves, is expected to join Channel 5 as the analyst on Angel telecasts, The Times learned Tuesday. "It's not yet firm," a Channel 5 executive said, "but we hope to have it finalized by the end of this week or the first of next week." KTLA is hopeful of teaming Torre with Bob Starr, who had previously announced he would not return to the Angel radio team in 1985 but is close to a TV commitment. The Angels televise a minimum of 40 games.
May 1, 1989
Kirk McCaskill, who took a no-hitter into the ninth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday before settling for a one-hit, 9-0 victory, has been chosen The Times Orange County Edition Angel of the Week. It was the the second one-hitter of McCaskill's career and 14th in the Angel history. The Times will donate $200 in McCaskill's name to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Orange County.
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