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Dear Cynthia: In my dream I see an angel--an archangel--descend from heaven with a wooden box in his hand. He gives me the box and I open it. In the box is a long, old key, just like the ones used to open old, big oak doors. Then the angel returns to heaven.
July 20, 1991
Well, yet another All-Star game that saw the Angel pitching staff sitting on the bench. In the previous three games, the only Angel pitcher who has actively participated for the American League has been Chuck Finley--a grand total of one inning. Dennis Eckersley, Tony La Russa's pet, naturally appears in every game. If La Russa has such little respect for the talents of a Finley, (Mark) Langston or (Bryan) Harvey, he shouldn't put them on the All-Star staff and then leave them to sit. Hopefully, next year's manager will give every team a chance to be part of the action.
August 28, 1993
So Richard Brown is disappointed with Angel crowds because the dogs won't eat the dog food. I used to be a fan, but I haven't been to a game in years, even though I live 10 minutes from the park. Brown needs to take Marketing 101 to find out you first need to have a product that people want before you can make a sale. The Angels could save a bundle if they got rid of Brown and that great judge of baseball talent, Whitey Herzog. Joe Magrane is the latest example. JOHN L. HOFFMAN Santa Ana
April 10, 1999
Mike DiGiovanna indicated many thousands thought the curse of the Angels struck again on opening night. Au contraire. We may be seeing a replay of the Lou Gehrig story. Maybe Jeff Huson will play so well that Mo Vaughn will never regain his job. P.V. HAIG Dana Point
November 4, 2000
I was delighted to learn that the Angels declined to pick up the option on Tim Belcher. This should save them enough money to sign another over-the-hill arm for several million dollars and then complain that their limited budget prevents them from pursuing a starting pitcher. BARRY P. RESNICK Orange
December 29, 2001
Dear Mo: I'd like to say thanks for the memories; there are none. I'd like to say, "Great highlights from your tenure as an Angel;" there are none. I'd like to say you were a great team leader; you were not. I'd like to say you were worth the money; you were not. I'd like to say Angel fans will miss you; we will not. I'd say, "Don't let the door kick you when you leave," but you were never really here. Emily Crane Glendale I was trying to remember the scene when Mo Vaughn signed with the Angels, where they were twisting his arm and holding a gun to his head to come to Anaheim, and now the big fella splits?
October 20, 2002
Re "Angel Fans Few but Fearless in N.Y.," Oct. 2: Too bad the same can't be said for Yankee fans in Anaheim. During the regular-season matchups between the Yankees and Angels, the crowd is split, but we share a respect for the new rivalry. Taunts and jeers are readily accepted and given in good nature. But the crowd of Angel fans that crawled out from under a rock for the Oct. 6 game were not fans of baseball and far from Angels. They mobbed and nearly assaulted two Yankee fans who sat in their car humiliated enough by their team's loss waiting to leave the parking lot. The police and security that patrol the pregame festivities were of little help after the game.
September 4, 1999
As unbelievable as the Angels' 14-12 loss to the Cleveland Indians this week is to comprehend, it provides yet another example of the team's gutless existence. Where's their pride, team character, desire to excel, commitment to get better? These are the intangible qualities that coaching and leadership help to foster. These are the elements Terry Collins and his staff, along with Mo "Cecil Fielder" Vaughn, miserably failed to develop. With their play of the 1999 season, who in their right mind would publicly declare their support of this team?
April 15, 1993 | BOB NIGHTENGALE
The Angels have decided to keep Julio Valera in the bullpen, and will put Scott Lewis in the starting rotation. Lewis is scheduled to start Friday against the Baltimore Orioles. "Julio still has tenderness in his elbow after he pitches," Angel Manager Buck Rodgers said. "Ultimately, if it bothers him after three or 3 1/3 innings, what will it do after six innings? It's something we might have to nurse for a year, or at least half a year."
September 23, 1995
Who were those guys--those bigger-than-life cocky swingers of August? Who were those guys who made us worry only a little about pitching (If we can hold the other team to eight runs we'll be OK)? Who were those guys who almost made us forget the strike for a whole month? Who were those guys who convinced us they were for real just before they disappeared? Who were those guys anyway? JOHN FISCHER Dana Point The California Angels are better at folding than a Japanese origami artist.
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