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Animal Abuse

January 18, 1995 | Associated Press
A dog owner who didn't want a litter of nine puppies allegedly buried them alive, but their mother rescued them the next day by digging them out of their 2-foot-deep grave. All nine survived, and the veterinarian caring for the mother and squirming, sightless puppies has received 25 adoption offers. The puppies are a Rottweiler-chow-Labrador mix, and most are black and tan. Prosecutors will decide whether to file charges. The owner could be charged with aggravated animal abuse.
December 19, 2012 | By John M. Glionna
Mike McCusker is on the trail of an irresponsible trapper. For more than a week, the lieutenant with the Nevada Department of Wildlife led a team that operated around-the-clock surveillance on illegally set animal traps near a popular Sierra Nevada hiking trail. Investigators waited in the brush to spring their own legal trap. No arrests so far, but McCusker isn't giving up. “Where these guys set these traps just isn't very bright,” he told the Los Angeles Times.
March 28, 1993 | Kathleen Moloney
Barbara Fabricant is frustrated. More than 20 pet poisonings and maimings have occurred in the Silver Lake hills in the past five months and she hasn't got a clue about the culprit or the motive. "I've seen hundreds of strychnine poisoning cases," she says. "Usually it's a neighbor who doesn't like the sound of dogs barking or hates cats because they spray. This time it's both dogs and cats." Fabricant, 67, is no novice when it comes to defending helpless creatures.
April 17, 2013 | By Carla Hall
The so-called ag-gag bill winding its way through the California Assembly has been pulled by its author, Jim Patterson, a Republican from Fresno. Smart move. The bill, AB 343, would have required anyone who videotapes, photographs or records incidents of animal cruelty to turn over the evidence to authorities within 48 hours  or be charged with an infraction of the law. Patterson said the bill, which was sponsored by the California Cattlemen's Assn., a nonprofit trade group representing ranchers and beef producers, was an attempt to bring abuse to light as soon as possible.
June 4, 1988
It is a sad comment on the motives of the San Diego Zoological Society when keepers who are concerned about the well-being of an animal are made to feel threatened and uncomfortable while those responsible for the excessive treatment are protected with feeble explanations of a lost temper. If a parent had lost his or her temper and beat a child to the point that wounds took three months to heal, screams of child abuse would be heard far and wide! Unfortunately, the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" treatment our local media bestows upon the zoological society is partly responsible for these excesses.
February 13, 1992
The battle over alleged animal abuse at shelters run by Los Angeles heated up Wednesday as one City Council member insisted the problem is one of "leadership" at the Animal Regulation Department, while the director of that department blamed budget cuts. Councilwoman Ruth Galanter wanted the council to ask for a grand jury probe of the charges of mistreatment of animals, but after heated debate, the council put off a decision until Friday.
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