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Animal Abuse

April 17, 2013 | By Carla Hall
The so-called ag-gag bill winding its way through the California Assembly has been pulled by its author, Jim Patterson, a Republican from Fresno. Smart move. The bill, AB 343, would have required anyone who videotapes, photographs or records incidents of animal cruelty to turn over the evidence to authorities within 48 hours  or be charged with an infraction of the law. Patterson said the bill, which was sponsored by the California Cattlemen's Assn., a nonprofit trade group representing ranchers and beef producers, was an attempt to bring abuse to light as soon as possible.
June 4, 1988
It is a sad comment on the motives of the San Diego Zoological Society when keepers who are concerned about the well-being of an animal are made to feel threatened and uncomfortable while those responsible for the excessive treatment are protected with feeble explanations of a lost temper. If a parent had lost his or her temper and beat a child to the point that wounds took three months to heal, screams of child abuse would be heard far and wide! Unfortunately, the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" treatment our local media bestows upon the zoological society is partly responsible for these excesses.
February 13, 1992
The battle over alleged animal abuse at shelters run by Los Angeles heated up Wednesday as one City Council member insisted the problem is one of "leadership" at the Animal Regulation Department, while the director of that department blamed budget cuts. Councilwoman Ruth Galanter wanted the council to ask for a grand jury probe of the charges of mistreatment of animals, but after heated debate, the council put off a decision until Friday.
September 19, 2006
Re "Painted Pachyderm Draws Outcry," Sept. 16 Only the desperately trendy could be attracted to the latest debacle by British artist Banksy. In his art exhibit's feature piece, "Elephant in the Room," a fully painted live elephant is made to stand in a putrid warehouse for eight hours at a stretch. By exploiting the 38-year-old elephant, Banksy supposedly comments on big problems nobody talks about, like poverty or bad water. His ironically flat-footed metaphor misses the real elephant in the room: animal abuse.
April 17, 2008 | Tony Barboza
An animal rights organization is urging the Orange County district attorney's office to "vigorously" prosecute a man who allegedly took a video of himself abusing rabbits and a dog, then posted it on, calling his behavior "extremely severe." Joseph Anthony Deiss, 19, of Yorba Linda was charged last week with three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of animal abuse by a caretaker after allegedly throwing a pug and two rabbits 15 to 30 feet in the air and allowing them to hit the ground.
July 27, 1995
Re "Last Frontier of Animal Rights? The Farm," by Clifford Rothman on July 6: Rothman's article and the picture of the bleeding cow on its knees haunted me all night. Articles like this dignify a newspaper and make journalism a powerful tool to redress wrongs in parts of our society. FINO CALAMARO Pacific Palisades Absolutely no one should be led to believe there is now a kinder and gentler meat industry in California. Sen. David Roberti's tragically misguided downed-animal law has served only to perpetuate the painful exploitation of sick and injured farm animals.
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