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Animal Deaths

May 31, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
One of the three northern white rhinos at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park has died, possibly of old age, officials announced Wednesday. Northern white rhinos are one of the world's most endangered species; only a dozen are known to exist. Nadi had been at the Wild Animal Park since 1972.
November 20, 2012
Animal wranglers involved in the making of "The Hobbit" movie trilogy say the production company is responsible for the deaths of up to 27 animals, largely because they were kept at a farm filled with bluffs, sinkholes and other "death traps. " The American Humane Assn., which oversaw animal welfare on the movies, says no animals were harmed during the actual filming. But it also says the wranglers' complaints highlight shortcomings in its oversight system, which monitors film sets but not the facilities where the animals are housed and trained.
October 22, 1992
I was disgusted at Lopez's cavalier comparison of the heinous crimes committed by the prison guards at Treblinka to wild animals killed on roadways. Lopez has provided yet one more example for extremists who continually deem the taking of innocent human and animal life morally equivalent. Lopez should immediately apologize to all concentration camp survivors and their relatives for his grossly insensitive remarks. BRUCE A. FISHER Long Beach
November 20, 2012 | By Richard Verrier
The American Humane Assn., the group charged with overseeing the welfare of animals on sets, called injuries and deaths of animals involved in the movie "The Hobbit" "unacceptable" and said it needs broader authority to look out for the interests of animals. “We are currently only empowered to monitor animal actors while they are working on production sets,” AHA President and CEO Robin Ganzert said in a statement. “We do not have either the jurisdiction or funding to extend that oversight to activities or conditions off set or before animals come under our protection.
November 29, 2003 | From Reuters
The return of fur to the world's fashion catwalks has spelled death to thousands of endangered animals with a boom in demand for their skins, a top wildlife protection officer said Friday. John Sellar, senior enforcement officer for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, said there had been a surge in seizures of tiger and leopard skins as the fashion industry embraced fur once again.
January 20, 2005 | From Associated Press
Conditions at the National Zoo improved during the last year, but a number of weaknesses remain, a report released Wednesday by the National Academies' National Research Council says. After several animal deaths in early 2003, Congress asked the council to conduct a yearlong review of the zoo's flagship Washington facility and its Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Va. The report said "more than a decade of decline in almost every aspect of zoo operation" preceded the deaths.
February 27, 1990 | From Associated Press
A Kentucky dentist allegedly killed thoroughbred racehorses so owners could collect insurance money, the FBI said Monday. Dr. Joseph James Brown of Shelbyville, Ky., was arrested and charged with wire fraud Feb. 17 at Calder Race Course after an investigation by the FBI and the New York-based Thoroughbred Racing Protective Board. "Brown was arrested . . . by FBI agents as he was about to administer a lethal injection to a thoroughbred race horse," FBI spokesman Paul Miller said.
August 23, 1989 | H.G. REZA and GREG JOHNSON, Times Staff Writer
Kandu the killer whale died from massive bleeding caused by a freak injury when, showing "normal behavior," she attacked a larger female whale that she was attempting to dominate, Sea World officials said Tuesday. Sea World veterinarian Jim McBain said Kandu, who weighed about 4,600 pounds, attacked Corky, her 7,000-pound rival, during the 4 p.m. show at the park Monday. McBain said trainers saw the whales fight in a holding pen behind the main pool midway into the 25-minute show.
With less than two weeks to go before Disney opens its fourth major theme park here, its publicists are busy describing the $800-million Animal Kingdom as a high-adventure jungle populated with exotic species, long-dead dinosaurs and "warm fuzzy moments" with beloved characters like Mickey and Minnie.
August 22, 1989 | H.G. REZA, Times Staff Writer
Kandu, a killer whale who gave birth last year at Sea World, died Monday after a collision with another female whale during a show at the marine park. Sea World officials issued a terse statement saying that the 14-year-old Kandu died after a "physical interaction" with Corky during the 4 p.m. killer whale show. Sea World officials refused to provide any other information about the circumstances of the whale's death. There were conflicting versions of when the collision occurred.
July 21, 2009 | Carla Hall
The Los Angeles Zoo paid a federal fine of several thousand dollars in the wake of a U.S. Department of Agriculture investigation into the 2006 deaths of the zoo's popular female Asian elephant, Gita, and a chimpanzee, Judeo, zoo officials confirmed Monday. Gita was found down in her enclosure early one morning in June 2006 and could not be saved despite extensive veterinary intervention.
April 4, 2009 | Associated Press
A dead two-ton gray whale that drifted to shore has been hauled up a steep cliff and taken to a local landfill for burial. Officials decided to remove the young 25-foot whale Friday after efforts to tow it out to sea failed and federal marine authorities deemed the carcass a health hazard. The whale was pulled about a mile out to sea after it was spotted Wednesday but returned to shore in the evening. Researchers were not able to perform a necropsy and say the cause of the death will likely remain uncertain.
February 21, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Socks, the White House cat during the Clinton administration, has died at the age of 18. Socks had lived with President Clinton's secretary, Betty Currie, in Hollywood, Md., since the Clintons left the White House in early 2001. Currie said she was "heartbroken." The Clinton Foundation released a statement from the Clintons: "Socks brought much happiness to Chelsea and us over the years, and enjoyment to kids and cat lovers everywhere. We're grateful for those memories, and we especially want to thank our good friend Betty Currie for taking such loving care of Socks for so many years."
October 13, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
An animal welfare advocate says a wayward manatee rescued from Cape Cod waters died on the way to Florida. Chris Cutter of the International Fund for Animal Welfare says the juvenile male died outside Orlando. The cause of death will be investigated. The animal wandered into a harbor near Dennis, Mass. Wildlife officials who feared for his health in the chilly water decided to pull him out Saturday. Manatees, normally found off Florida and Georgia, stop eating if they get too cold.
August 29, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
More than 200 oil-slicked penguins have washed up on the beaches of a popular Brazilian resort, and officials say they are searching for a cause. Authorities said they had counted nearly 200 dead penguins found on the beaches of the island city of Florianopolis, but people bringing in live penguins covered with oil reported seeing hundreds more. Marcelo Duarte of the Santa Catarina state environmental police said the oil probably leaked from a large ship, and police said they were trying to determine the culprit.
August 2, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Marine veterinarians euthanized a 26-foot-long sick whale Friday after it became stranded on a mudflat off the coast of southern England. British wildlife experts and the coast guard tried all day to save the northern bottlenose whale, which beached off Langstone Harbor, 75 miles southwest of London. The coast guard helped it return to the water, but the whale became stranded a second time on a nearby mudflat later in the day.
July 28, 2008 | Louis Sahagun, Times Staff Writer
What had been for the last six months a vibrant stream teeming with migrating waterfowls and shorebirds early last week became a dry San Gabriel River channel where vultures gorged themselves on ducklings that died when the flows dried up.
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