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March 16, 2008
"IRON MAN" looks great ["A Hero Complex," March 9]. Marvel Studios looks like a winner. But Geoff Boucher overlooked the single biggest reason for Marvel's rebirth in Hollywood: the highly rated, 1992-97 TV show, "X-Men: The Animated Series." For 30 years Marvel Comics had had no luck translating its "serious" vision to film or television. Networks and studios didn't get it, or it was dumbed down. Then Fox Kids TV executives Margaret Loesch and Sidney Iwanter pushed through and supervised the first series that respected the creations of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and their colleagues.
January 9, 2013 | By Reed Johnson
Pop music + cartoon animation + pubescent audiences + sugary breakfast cereal ads = hit entertainment. In the 1960s and '70s, that equation briefly produced a string of clever, endearing animated feature films and Saturday morning TV serials that still give today's frenetic, hyper-edited animated flicks a run for their money. Some were instant classics, like "Yellow Submarine," with the Fab Four's music set to Heinz Edelmann's memorable designs. Others, like the Jackson 5 cartoon serial that originally ran on Saturday mornings on ABC from September 1971 to October 1972, slowly sank into the post-syndication ether, leaving barely a trace.
April 25, 1989
ABC said Monday that it will add two new animated series to its Saturday morning childrens' lineup this fall--"Beetlejuice" and "The Adventures of the Gummi Bears." The schedule, which begins Sept. 9, will also feature the returning animated series "A Pup Called Scooby Doo," "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh," "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" and "The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show," plus the returning live-action series "Animal Crack-Ups" and the "ABC Weekend Specials," entering its 13th season.
January 30, 2012 | By Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times
Ian Abercrombie, 77, the British character actor who played Elaine's demanding boss, Mr. Pitt, on "Seinfeld," died Thursday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said his friend Cathy Lind Hayes. He suffered complications of kidney failure and recently had been diagnosed with lymphoma. As the eccentric Justin Pitt, Abercrombie appeared in seven episodes opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Elaine Benes in the high-rated sit-com. "I was a pain in the neck. I was a hypochondriac.
The fall season of children's television features a fresh mix of familiar comic book faces: Sabrina, Spider Man, Archie and the gang, as well as several educational series for the preschool set. Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary sleuth; Sherlock Holmes, has been rejuvenated for youngsters. The season also marks the launch of Bobber Entertainment and Media's BKN, the Bohbot Kids Network. The flagship BKN service, Bulldog TV, targets boys ages 6-11.
As schoolkids start hitting the books again, television programmers are back in action too, premiering their new children's programming beginning this week. PBS is betting on the "Bookworm Bunch," a new Saturday programming block. CBS--sluggish on Saturday mornings past--is borrowing from its cable sibling Nickelodeon, which always gets high marks from young viewers. And the WB, the No. 1-ranked broadcast network among kids last season, offers up a spinoff of its top-rated "Pokemon" show.
January 15, 2013 | By Richard Verrier, Los Angeles Times
When singer-songwriter Alicia Keys wanted to create an animated children's television series about the exploration of music, she turned to Burbank animation firm Bento Box for ideas. Bento's producers suggested an alternative: Instead of a TV show, how about an interactive storytelling app? That idea became "The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee," which was released through the iTunes store last fall for $3.99 and expands to Android mobile devices and tablets this month. Featuring original compositions from Keys, the animated series uses music, games, rewards and a journal to tell the story of a relationship between a young girl and a mystical grandmother.
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