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Ann Bourman

April 13, 1986
In response to the Rutgers study that claims to have found that a wife's employment had a negative effect on her husband's mental health, I have two responses ("Working Wives: Negative Effect on Husbands?" by Elizabeth Mehren, March 31). The first is from my husband, who has a working wife: "Oh, baloney." The second is from me, the working wife: Each of those poor souls surveyed needs to be issued his own personal copy of a slogan that was printed on pins and bumper stickers not too long ago--"A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality."
April 30, 1988
The Senate vote to make payments and apologies to Japanese-Americans for their unconstitutional detention during World War II is welcome and long overdue. What a shame some legislators must criticize the cost of the vote and mention budget deficits. The puny amount allotted to each survivor scarcely begins to pay for the lost years, the racism, and the service they have given to the United States. As for Helms and his continued association of Japanese-Americans with Pearl Harbor: He needs a few years in solitary at Manzanar.
December 30, 1986
This week employees of the Los Angeles City Schools received their current copies of Spotlight, an employee newsletter. One article in the newsletter announces a school district offer of a 7% increase in teachers' salaries. This would bring the beginning teacher's salary up to an amount just under $22,000 per year. The same newsletter has another article on a young woman who has just been hired as a school-district locksmith. Her salary will be $31,532 per year. The people of Los Angeles should demand that their Board of Education care more for their children than for locks.
April 30, 1987
The Times reports (April 21) that it took an eight-year court battle to finally deport Karl Linnas, an accused Nazi war criminal, to the Soviet Union. The fight was lengthy, the article said, because of the "American distrust of the Soviet judicial system." What a misplaced argument! Since 1945 the U.S. government has ignored or even protected and used former Nazis and tolerated their presence in our nation because, through some twisted reasoning, they are "anti-Communist." I certainly do not trust the American judicial system to deal with former Nazis as they should be dealt with.
May 31, 1987
So there I was, having my Sunday-morning nosh at the Farmer's Market, reading "Apples and Oranges" by Judith Gingold (May 3). Wishing to help stranded New York intellectuals, I went over to the newsstand to see if Le Monde or the Washington Post was available. Le Monde, yes, but alas, not the Washington Post. However, I saw copies of the Wall Street Journal, Pravda, the Manchester Guardian, the New York Review of Books (aha!), the New York Times (again aha!) and Al Ahram, in addition to a number of other publications from around the world.
March 22, 1986
The letter (March 8) from David A. Lehrer, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, is frightening. Rep. Robert Dornan (R-Garden Grove) shrieks anti-Semitism on the floor of Congress and a spokesman for the foremost group dedicated to the eradication of all bigotry assures us it was not anti-Semitism. Lehrer even assures us that Dornan cannot be anti-Semitic because a Jew stood next to him at a press conference! Defending any right-wing bigot because he votes for funds for Israel is immoral.
February 6, 1990
Russell Shaw ("Slouching Toward a Religious Levy," Editorial Page, Jan. 27) is put out with the media because they "yawned" at the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to tax the sale of religious items. I yawn at several of Shaw's points. First, his contention that parochial schools do a better job than public schools is his opinion, to which he is entitled. It is not a fact.
May 25, 1990
How reassuring to know, as Roberta Weintraub stated, that the Los Angeles Board of Education is more interested in protecting students who bring guns on campus than it is in protecting the vast majority of students who do not bring weapons as well as all teachers, administrators, and all other campus personnel (Metro, May 8).
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