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January 6, 1990
Silly me! I like Jack Youngblood's radio work so much that we've turned off the TV announcers all season to listen to the "Blood and Bob Show." But what do I know? I'm just a fan. BETTY BETTS Anaheim
January 24, 1987
I can hardly wait for the incredible Super Bowl game, with the incredible teams and the incredible quarterbacks, and most of all the incredible TV announcers. Just think, we can listen to the incredible Motor-Mouth Madden tell us about all those incredible insights, like these from the NFC championship game: "If Washington wins, they go to Pasadena, but if they lose the Giants will be there!" Or "The score is 10-0 favor of the Giants, if they score it will be 17-0" It is really incredible how Motor-Mouth Madden gives us all those incredible tips on the game.
March 28, 1992
CBS has ruined the NCAA basketball tournament for me. It's not so much because of the unintelligible graphics or inexperienced announcers (they barely have enough talent to cover one game at a time, let alone a dozen). Rather, it's that they have effectively prevented the viewer from enjoying what March Madness is all about--lots of games. They pick and choose what is to be seen. They grab all of the coverage and parcel it out in bits and pieces. They are destroying what ESPN built, and the viewer is at their mercy.
The voice could cut through sheet metal--high-pitched and twangy, a madcap mixture of a coon dog's howl and a TV preacher's rantings. "TREA-SURE of the OCEAN . . . that's TUN-a NOO-dle CASSEROLLLLE! . . . or PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! . . . KER-nels of CORN . . . warm, spiced CHERRRRIES . . . CRUN-chy VEG-gie BITES . . . and a ROLLLLL!" This is the menu for Monday, Jan.
September 7, 2002
I'm not qualified to judge the accuracy of Howard Rosenberg's comments on baseball announcers, save for one ("Aiming Some Chin Music at Major League Baseball Announcers," Sept. 2). His attempt to satirize Vin Scully was both silly and sophomoric. Scully is to baseball broadcasting what Roy Hobbs was in "The Natural": "The best there was, and the best there ever will be." For more than 50 years, he has been expert, congenial, entertaining, colorful, relentlessly cheerful, exasperatingly fair and, above all, thoroughly decent.
Thanks for everything, TV Land. The Emmy nomination for best lead actress in a comedy series was fun. The gig as co-host of the 46th Annual Emmy Awards show Sunday night is certainly flattering. Not that any of it really matters. "This is like real gravy, but I distrust it," says Emmy co-host and "Home Improvement" nominee Patricia Richardson. "There's a part of me that's like, 'Don't let that be important because that's not what it's about.' "Part of the whole L.A.
June 15, 1988 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
I learned something in watching Israeli TV coverage of the European basketball championships while in Jerusalem recently. I learned that you don't necessarily need sportscasters on a sports telecast. The Israelis had them, but we didn't talk the same language. Unable to understand the Hebrew-speaking announcers doing the games, however, I still could follow the action merely from the pictures. It was simple: The ball either went in the hoop or it didn't.
October 7, 2007 | Steve Springer, Times Staff Writer
Vin Scully, who just completed his 58th season behind the Dodgers microphone, sat down recently in the Dodger Stadium press box to discuss the tumultuous 1957 season -- the Dodgers' final season in Brooklyn -- and what followed: Question: Which team did you root for as a kid? Answer: I was born in the Bronx and raised in an area called Washington Heights. I was able to walk from my grammar school to the old Polo Grounds where the Giants played, so I grew up a rabid Giants fan.
CBS, KNBC Channel 4, and cable's ESPN and USA networks were accused of sexism in their coverage of women's sports in a study released Wednesday by the Los Angeles-based Amateur Athletic Foundation. "The study found that women's sports is underreported and that what coverage does exist is inferior to that afforded men's sports," Amateur Athletic Foundation President Anita DeFrantz said in a statement.
May 4, 2012
My text to my friend Joe Carillio at 9:37 Wednesday night: "How bout them Angels! no hitter!" Joe's reply 10 minutes later: "Weaver or Pujols?" Joey Almeida Santa Barbara :: "El Hombre" is looking more and more like "El Mendoza. " Anthony Moretti Lomita :: Albert Pujols has turned into MLB's version of Lamar Odom, and he's not even married to a Kardashian. Gary Wosk North Hills :: Wait, the McCourts are really gone and the Dodgers actually reduced the cost to park?
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