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September 28, 1997
[Former Rep.] Bob Dornan has again made Orange County proud by his antics and his bombastic actions on the House of Representatives floor. His determination to overturn his loss to that upstart, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove), finally has backfired on him. Name-calling and downright harassment of other representatives may have cost him his wish of throwing out his loss to Sanchez. His pursuit has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and lots of notoriety for Sanchez. That a way, Bob!
November 6, 2004 | Don Heckman, Special to The Times
It would have been easy to view Brazil's Hermeto Pascoal as a kind of musical clown in the first few minutes of his concert Thursday at UCLA's Royce Hall. He walked on stage, a round man with a long, white beard and a gregarious manner, wearing a colorful outfit and holding a plastic water bottle. He blew across the top of the bottle to produce a flute-like note. Then, gradually taking swigs from the bottle, he produced -- with remarkable accuracy -- a descending scale-like series of notes.
May 25, 2001
Admit it: The only comic relief in this energy crisis has been watching our leaders go at suppliers and each other like pro wrestlers or Jerry Springer guests. In his State of the State address last January, Gov. Gray Davis accused the big private electric power generators of legalized highway robbery and threatened to seize their plants if necessary. Then he really got angry, calling them "the biggest snakes in the world." This past week, Atty. Gen.
August 19, 2001
We all recall the dire straits that led to the formation of the new state power agency: blackouts, bankruptcy and spiraling, crazy prices. Now the energy supply seems ample, even in 100-degree heat, but the power authority becomes reality anyhow with the swearing-in Tuesday of its five-member board. What, exactly, should it do?
June 18, 2001
This summer, Hollywood is going to the dogs . . . and cats . . . and beavers . . . and bears . . . and apes. If you haven't noticed, there are just about as many furry creatures on the big screen these days as human ones--and we don't mean Tom Hanks in "Cast Away." Francis (the Talking Mule) would be proud.
October 11, 1987 | Dick Turpin
Will the display of nature's shake, rattle and roll stop or slow down migration into Southern California? It's been a rough beginning for this month, what with the record-breaking heat wave following in the wake of the Oct. 1 quake and its after-shocks. Last Tuesday's power outage downtown added insult to injury. And almost tauntingly, seismologists--and all-news radio station KFWB--continue to remind us that the "big one" is yet to come.
April 24, 2003 | Mark Swed, Times Staff Writer
HK Gruber is a boisterous bright light in modern music. A member of the so-called Third Viennese School, he has over the years proudly outraged his hometown atonalists and traditionalists alike by bringing popular influences -- Kurt Weill, the Beatles, jazz and the dance band -- into the sanctity of the classical Viennese concert hall.
September 11, 1996
The schoolyard antics between Washington and Saddam Hussein have proven that it really does take a child to raze a village. JOANNE C. STEVENS Los Angeles
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