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Anton Posniak

February 9, 2008 | Charlie Amter and Kevin Bronson
The Galaxy Concert Theatre, a staple of the live-music scene in Orange County for 13 years, is closing at the end of February, and new owners will debut an uber-nightclub in the Santa Ana space on June 1. Gary Folgner, the Galaxy owner who also runs the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, could not immediately be reached for comment. The Galaxy's transition will not affect the Coach House. A spokesperson for the Mor Project, a new restaurant/nightclub management group helmed by Anton Posniak, said the 25,000-square-foot club called RevolveR would cater to upscale clubgoers, offering multiple rooms of entertainment, myriad VIP areas, fireplaces, indoor/outdoor seating and eight full-service bars.
January 27, 2000 | HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA
The men of Tengu should start a revue. Seriously, the new sushi/sake lounge in Westwood is run by a bunch-o hunkos. Owners Alan Nathan and Anton Posniak, manager Eric Weitzman, bar manager Guy Ravid and bartender Brian Williams look like a Chippendale's squad. Named after a mischievous mythological Japanese figure, the 2-month-old hot spot charms its guests by brewing up custom-flavored sake--in such amorous flavors as pineapple, strawberry and hazelnut.
December 21, 2000 | HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA
Last week we reveled in the ultimate scene event, the Hollywood's Only Rock Nightlife Yellow Pages Music & Fashion Awards--sort of Oscar night for the Hollywood rocker set. It was a night of mirth and merriment, as celebrants at Dragonfly patted one another on the back for jobs well done.
March 24, 2005 | Heidi Siegmund Cuda
Division at Ivar? There's a whole lotta shaking going on at Ivar, the high-end disco on Hollywood Boulevard. Original partners Rick Calamaro and Eric Weitzman have teamed with Mike Bong and Tom Rizo (who bought out previous partners Alan Nathan and Anton Posniak). We hear they may open it as two separate clubs in May. Stay tuned.... Things are smoldering at El Centro in Hollywood on Thursday nights.
January 8, 2003 | Jessica Strand
HAVE you noticed Black Arkansas apples? These reddish black apples are finding their way into dishes all over town. The Black Arkansas is grown primarily in Northern California, says Mike Rand of produce purveyor L.A. Specialty, and has a much shorter season than supermarket varieties. "It's not mass-produced and it can't be stored as well as other apples, which makes the Black Arkansas a fresher, more seasonal variety." It also makes it a bit more expensive than other varieties.
October 24, 2002 | Maria Elena Fernandez, Times Staff Writer
A set of new blue doors on Hollywood Boulevard opens to Tinseltown's largest nightclub, a New York-meets-Miami-style dance hall where revelers can party in a soaring loft interior with exposed red brick and steel -- or retreat to cozy, blue-glass towers or a sexy orange room for intimacy and seclusion. Ivar opened a month ago and is already a star-powered hot spot.
Gray-haired fashion godfather Mr. Blackwell was still primping upstairs when the TV cameras and matronly fans began gathering in the baroque living room of his Hancock Park home Tuesday morning for the announcement of his 40th annual Best & Worst Dressed Lists. "There must not be any other news in town today," one woman said, glancing at the two dozen or so media types munching on danishes.
May 9, 2004 | Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer
Actor Corbin Bernsen and his wife, actress Amanda Pays, have finished renovating their San Fernando Valley home and have listed it at just under $1.5 million. "We've probably done 12 houses over the years," said Pays, who orchestrated the work. Married in 1988, Pays and Bernsen have four sons ranging in age from 5 to 15.
August 3, 2006 | Heidi Siegmund Cuda, Special to The Times
YOU know you're on the Westside when you're at a bar and you've had several conversations with strangers. Pleasant conversations. Musings about fashion, art, music, weather. It just doesn't happen that often in Hollywood, where people travel in cliques and outsiders are often eschewed. At Holly's West, a fresh new nightspot in Santa Monica, clubbers appear to be having a good time chilling with anyone who happens to show up. The sister club to Holly's, a Hollywood hot spot owned by SGM Corp.
Tengu Very Much: Tengu, a new sushi restaurant that also wants to be a hip lounge, has just moved into Westwood. The owners, both South African, are two Garden of Eden alumni (Alan Nathan was its director of promotions, and Anton Posniak tended bar there). Posniak studied in Japan, hence the sushi. The name Tengu comes from two Japanese characters that loosely translate as "god of mischief." Says Nathan, "We've basically fused a beautiful lounge with a restaurant."
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