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Antonin Scalia

April 10, 2004 | From Associated Press
The U.S. marshal for the Southern District of Mississippi on Friday defended the erasure of two journalists' recordings of a speech by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia but suggested that Scalia's request that his remarks not be recorded should have been publicly announced.
April 9, 2004 | David G. Savage, Times Staff Writer
First Amendment experts on Thursday questioned the legal basis for a deputy U.S. marshal -- apparently acting on the orders of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia -- to confiscate and erase recordings made by two reporters invited to hear the justice speak at a high school gym.
April 8, 2004 | From Associated Press
Two reporters were ordered Wednesday to erase their tape recordings of a speech by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at a Mississippi high school. Scalia has long barred television cameras from his speeches, but does not always forbid newspaper photographers and tape recorders. On Wednesday, he did not warn the audience at the high school that recording devices would be forbidden.
March 19, 2004 | David G. Savage and Richard A. Serrano, Times Staff Writers
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia declared Thursday that he would not withdraw from a case that challenged the secrecy surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney's energy policy task force, saying that their recent duck-hunting trip to south Louisiana would not cause a reasonable person to question his impartiality. Scalia confirmed that he flew with Cheney from Washington to Louisiana on a small jet that served as Air Force Two, and said they were joined by the justice's son and son-in-law.
March 8, 2004 | Richard A. Serrano and David G. Savage, Times Staff Writers
As the Supreme Court was weighing a landmark gay rights case last year, Justice Antonin Scalia gave a keynote dinner speech in Philadelphia for an advocacy group waging a legal battle against gay rights. Scalia addressed the $150-a-plate dinner hosted by the Urban Family Council two months after hearing oral arguments in a challenge to a Texas law that made gay sex a crime. A month after the dinner, he sharply dissented from the high court's decision overturning the Texas law.
March 2, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
The Supreme Court said it referred to Justice Antonin Scalia a request that he remove himself from a case about Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force because their recent duck-hunting trip raised questions about his impartiality. The Sierra Club environmental group filed a motion last week asking that Scalia disqualify himself from the case because the January trip had created "an appearance of impropriety."
February 27, 2004 | Richard A. Serrano and David G. Savage, Times Staff Writers
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the guest of a Kansas law school two years ago and went pheasant hunting on a trip arranged by the school's dean, all within weeks of hearing two cases in which the dean was a lead attorney. The cases involved issues of public policy important to Kansas officials. Accompanying Scalia on the November 2001 hunting trip were the Kansas governor and the recently retired state Senate president, who flew with Scalia to the hunting camp aboard a state plane.
February 13, 2004
The judges had finished their discussion, and the subject turned to an upcoming meeting. "We could have Justice Scalia speak on ethics," one judge volunteered to an outburst of laughter. Another judge, chatting with friends at a social gathering, mused: "I know a defense lawyer who'd love to take me to a Lakers game. If it's OK for Justice Scalia, maybe it's OK for me too."
February 12, 2004 | From Associated Press
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a combative conservative known for his tough talk on and off the bench, isn't backing down in the face of criticism that he should stay out of a case involving his friend and hunting partner, Vice President Dick Cheney. The two men went on a duck hunting trip last month, three weeks after the court agreed to hear a White House appeal in a case involving private meetings of the vice president's energy task force.
February 7, 2004 | From a Times Staff Writer
Two top Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee called Friday for congressional hearings into "possible gaps in federal laws" that seem to allow U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to decide a case involving his duck-hunting partner, Vice President Dick Cheney. Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the committee's ranking Democrat, and Rep. Howard L.
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