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Apple Computer Inc

March 28, 2006 | Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer Inc., has used almost half his stake in the company to pay taxes on 10 million restricted shares that vested this month. According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week, Apple withheld 4.57 million shares, worth about $296 million at $64.66 a share, from Jobs' stake. That still leaves Jobs with about 5.43 million Apple shares worth $351 million. The Cupertino, Calif.
March 22, 2006 | From Times Wire Services
French lawmakers approved an online copyright bill Tuesday that would require Apple Computer Inc. to break open the exclusive format behind its market-leading iTunes music store and iPod players. The draft law -- which also sets new penalties for music pirates -- would force Apple, Sony Corp. and others to share proprietary copy-protection technologies so rivals could offer compatible services and players.
March 14, 2006 | From Bloomberg News
Apple Computer Inc., enjoying what it says was the best year in company history, paid Chief Executive Steve Jobs $1 in salary and no bonus last year. Apple's other top executives, including Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook, received the maximum bonus, equaling 100% of their salary, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company said in a regulatory filing. Jobs, 51, has been paid $1 in salary since he returned to the computer maker in 1997.
March 12, 2006 | Barbara Rose, Chicago Tribune
Peter Hubert keeps a mirror on his desk so he can see people walking up behind him, even if he can't hear them. Headphones clamped on, MP3 player plugged in, the 28-year-old draftsman has fashioned a virtual office using invisible walls of sound. Listening to heavy-metal rock doesn't distract him from the precise computer-based drawings he creates for Bigelow Homes in Aurora, Ill. To the contrary, "it puts my head somewhere else so I can concentrate on what I'm doing," he said.
March 9, 2006 | Dawn C. Chmielewski, Times Staff Writer
When it comes to comedian Jon Stewart, Apple Computer Inc. is betting that one download won't be enough. On Wednesday, Apple's iTunes Music Store began offering downloads of Comedy Central's popular satiric newscast, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," and its comedic spinoff, "The Colbert Report." But instead of offering the shows a la carte, as it does with other new TV programs, Apple unveiled Multi-Pass -- a way to buy a month's worth of shows for $9.
March 1, 2006 | Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
Apple Computer Inc. took its first steps into the living room Tuesday, introducing a speaker system for iPods and a new Mac mini that can stream music, photos and video from other computers. Together, the two products provide "a clear indication that Apple intends to expand more into the home and move away from its on-the-go focus," said Gartner Inc. analyst Van Baker.
February 8, 2006 | From Associated Press
As competitors continue to pull out of the portable audio player market, Apple Computer Inc. beefed up its iPod product mix with a new 1-gigabyte version of the nano and lower-priced shuffles. The pencil-thin, flash-memory-based iPod nano player now ranges from $149 for the 1-gigabyte model to $249 for the 4-gigabyte model. Previously, the 2-gigabyte nano was the least expensive model at $199. Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple also cut the prices of its bare-bones iPod shuffle players.
January 19, 2006 | Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
Sales of iPod music players propelled Apple Computer Inc.'s quarterly revenue and profit to all-time highs, with earnings nearly doubling from a year earlier, the computer maker said Wednesday. Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. also reported strong results, swinging to a profit and taking market share from archrival Intel Corp. The reports from the two Silicon Valley stalwarts offset bad news from Intel Corp. and Yahoo Inc.
January 13, 2006 | From Reuters
Apple Computer Inc. has filed to trademark the phrase "Mobile Me" for use in a wide range of businesses, furthering speculation that it could introduce an iPod phone. Apple made the filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Jan. 5. The areas that the trademark covers include computing devices, mobile devices and mobile services such as music, video, games, e-mail and messaging across the Internet, intranets, extranets, and television, cellular and satellite networks, the filing shows.
January 11, 2006 | Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
Steve Jobs did the talking Tuesday, but it was Paul Otellini many people heard. Jobs, the chief executive of Apple Computer Inc., was rolling out his company's first computers powered by chips made by Intel Corp., headed by Otellini.
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