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March 5, 2008 | From Reuters
. -- Apple Inc. has no plans to declare a dividend or buy back its stock, Chief Executive Steve Jobs told the company's annual shareholder meeting Tuesday, adding that iPhone sales were on track. Jobs said he was confident Apple would hit its 2008 sales target of 10 million iPhones, a figure that some analysts have questioned, and executives said the iPhone would reach Asian markets this year.
September 5, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Apple Inc.'s iPhone outsold all other smart phones in the U.S. in July, its first full month on sale, accounting for 1.8% of all U.S. mobile handset sales, research group iSuppli said. ISuppli reiterated its forecast that Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple would sell 4.5 million iPhones this year, rising to more than 30 million in 2011. The two models of the iPhone on the market sold more than Research in Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry series, the entire Palm Inc.
January 3, 2009 | Bloomberg News
Apple Inc., maker of the Macintosh computer and the iPhone, was sued over claims that display screens on the company's iMac desktop computer are defective and show unwanted vertical lines. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court in San Jose, blames a faulty transistor or connection on the back of the screens. The suit, filed on behalf of consumer Aram Hovsepian, a Florida resident, seeks unspecified damages and class-action status. Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif.
November 21, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
A federal jury Thursday ordered Samsung Electronics Co. to pay $290 million in damages to Apple Inc. in the latest round of the two adversaries' ongoing litigation over mobile patents.  In U.S. District Court in San Jose, an eight-person jury handed down its decision after a weeklong retrial of a case heard last year in the same court.  In 2012, a jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion, agreeing with the company's claims that Samsung's products had...
December 22, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
Apple Inc. announced Sunday that it has finalized a deal to sell the iPhone through China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone carrier.  The deal has been in the works for years as Apple sought to gain a stronger foothold in this crucial smartphone market. Apple has been selling the iPhone through smaller carriers in China, but the reach of these companies collectively still left Apple as the fifth-largest seller of smartphones in the country Photos: Top 10 tech fails of 2013 Although Apple's new product launches tend to draw the most frenzied attention, analysts have long said a deal with China Mobile was the single most important thing the company could do to re-ignite its rate of growth, which had been slowing over the last year.
August 29, 2007 | From Bloomberg News
Apple Inc. sent out invitations Monday to a Sept. 5 event called "The Beat Goes On," fueling speculation that it will release new models of the iPod media player to spur holiday sales. The e-mailed invitation for the San Francisco event shows a silhouetted dancer carrying an iPod, an image from Apple ads. Chief Executive Steve Jobs usually unveils new iPods before the holiday season. In June, Apple introduced the iPhone, combining the music player with a mobile phone.
January 23, 2007 | From Bloomberg News
Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs was questioned by U.S. government investigators about backdating of employee stock option grants at the company, lawyers familiar with the matter said. Jobs met with officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department last week in San Francisco, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the interviews were confidential.
September 5, 2007 | From Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday that it was "not unreasonable" for the company to introduce a mobile phone combined with features of its Zune digital music player to compete with Apple Inc.'s iPhone. The Zune phone, a topic of speculation for months since Microsoft introduced its first digital music player last year, could be driven by consumer demand for one multimedia device that makes phone calls, plays music and takes pictures.
May 16, 2007 | Randy Lewis
It may yet be a long and winding road until all is seamlessly synergistic between EMI Records and Apple Inc. when it comes to all things Beatles. A day after EMI announced that Paul McCartney's solo and Wings albums would be available for download, with no specifics on when or where that would happen, Apple on Tuesday announced that they will go up on iTunes by the end of this month. The target date is next Tuesday, but that wasn't included in Apple's announcement.
September 5, 2007 | From the Associated Press
The iPhone can be bought in China, even though Apple Inc. isn't selling it there, and the gadget doesn't function properly despite costing twice as much as in the United States. Enthusiasts willing to pay 8,800 yuan -- $1,170 -- can buy the phone at electronics markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the electronics newspaper Dian Nao Bao reported in its Monday editions. In the U.S., the combination cellphone-iPod media player can be had for $499.
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