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March 7, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
The online Apple Store has shuttered its doors for the time being. As Apple devotees wait breathlessly for news of the latest version of the iPad, a cheerful yellow sticky note attached to Apple's online store reads, "We'll be back soon!" And an additional note on the site reads: "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly. " Those who follow Apple closely know the company shuts down its store whenever it is about to announce a new product. PHOTOS: Apple unveils new iPad Rumors on the Internet have long predicted Apple on Wednesday will announce a new iPad -- HD. As of this writing, the company has just unveiled updates to its box top Apple TV. We can't help but feel a little sorry for normal, non-Apple obsessed people, who may be very confused why they can't get online and order their 12-year-old an iTouch for his birthday.
April 21, 2014 | By Chris O'Brien, This post has been corrected. See below for details.
[ This post was updated at 10:24 ] Under Chief Executive Tim Cook, Apple has become increasingly vocal about its efforts to reduce the company's effect on the environment. On Monday, the company launched a revamped website that highlights its progress and discloses some new efforts as well.  The new site, which includes a solemn video narrated by Cook, coincides with Earth Day (which has already started in some parts of the world) and announces Apple's lofty goal: "We want to leave the world better than we found it. " "Better," says Cook in the video.
May 30, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
Apple cult members, rejoice: Now you can brag that even your thermostat came from the Apple Store. As of Wednesday morning, Apple added the Nest Learning Thermostat to the list of products it sells in its online store. Like most of the items in the Apple store, the Nest Learning Thermostat isn't cheap. It costs about $250, or roughly five times as much as an average thermostat at Home Depot. But it looks great -- with a sleek round shape and clean interface, and it can do lots of things your regular thermostat can't -- like use artificial intelligence to control the temperature in your house.
February 28, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
For the next week, customers who buy an Apple TV at one of the tech giant's retail stores will reportedly receive a $25 iTunes gift card as part of a promotion that could signal a new Apple TV is on its way. Apple news website 9to5Mac reported that Apple informed its retail employees about the promotion Friday morning. The bonus of a $25 gift card will be available to customers who buy a $99 Apple TV at an Apple Store between now and March 5, the report said. In the world of tech, discounts and promotions can often be signs that a newer version of a product will soon be rolled out. PHOTOS: Five ways the Samsung Gear 2 is better than its predecessor That was the case earlier this month when the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was heavily discounted by two retailers.
May 1, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
Desperate? Clever? Too little, too late? It's hard to know what to make of the news that Research in Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, has taken credit for the "WAKE UP!" "protest" that took place outside an Apple store in Sydney, Australia, last week. "We can confirm that the Australian 'Wake Up' campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia," the company told The Age. Even before it was revealed who was behind the "protest," caught on video by Australian video blogger Nate Burr and viewed around the world, it was clear that it was a marketing stunt.
January 8, 2010 | By Andrew Blankstein
Thieves have been taking a big bite out of Apple Store customers by snatching computers in more than 100 "follow-away" burglaries across the region, authorities said. Last month, the Orange County district attorney's office charged three Los Angeles residents -- Garzon Diaz, Louis Lopez and John Rodriguez -- with burglary and grand theft in connection with 28 cases of thieves breaking into vehicles and stealing computers from customers who had visited Apple stores. Manhattan Beach Police Sgt. Brian Brown said Tuesday that detectives were continuing their investigation into 15 similar cases since September.
July 6, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Good artists copy, but does the saying apply to retailers too? Best Buy hopes so, as it's converting 60 of its locations into Apple Store lookalikes, according to a new report. The new stores, dubbed "Best Buy 2.0," take several plays from Apple's book, including a new help desk reminiscent of Apple's Genius Bar, more focus on mobile devices, and the ability to let shoppers pay from more locations. The help desk, called Solution Central, is manned by Best Buy's Geek Squad, according to the report.
May 13, 2011 | By Roger Vincent and Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
Glendale's Americana at Brand shopping center will open an Apple retail store, the mall's owner said, joining an existing Apple location across the street in the neighboring Glendale Galleria. Real estate magnate Rick Caruso, who owns the Americana, told a luncheon audience Thursday that an Apple store would be added to the open-air property's lineup, which includes Barnes & Noble, Juicy Couture, Anthropologie and H&M. He later declined to provide further details. An Apple Inc. spokeswoman confirmed that the tech giant was hiring for a store at the Americana but also declined to provide details, saying no announcements had been made.
July 21, 2011 | By Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times
Products get knocked off all the time — designer bags, Oscar-night dresses, watches. But entire stores? That's something new, and that's why the Internet went crazy over a blogger's report that three fake Apple Inc. stores have popped up in her neighborhood in Kunming, China. In a post dated Wednesday on the blog BirdAbroad, an employee of an international public health organization said she was initially duped by the quality of the fake Apple store. It had the iconic clean wood interior, Apple branded posters on the walls and employees with those telltale blue polo shirts and chunky name tags hanging around their necks.
April 25, 2012 | By Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times
SAN FRANCISCO — At 11:10 a.m. on the dot, a squad of fresh-faced environmental activists bearing ominous black balloons sashayed into Apple's flagship store on Union Square. Some were dressed like members of a hipster, black-clad cleaning crew. Others plastered outsize decals on the minimalist retail establishment's windows. And anyone taking an Apple device for a test drive Tuesday morning was automatically routed to a Greenpeace website . The store takeover — carried out in sync with actions in New York and Toronto — was part of a global Greenpeace campaign to get technology giants to switch to renewable sources of energy for powering the electricity-hungry information cloud.
February 9, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
The creator of Flappy Bird has removed the popular game from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Users who have already installed the game will be able to keep playing it, but it is not possible for new users to download the game, which was at the top of the free-apps chart for both Apple iOS and Android devices before being removed. Dong Nguyen, the game's developer, on Saturday tweeted that he would remove Flappy Bird from the app stores, just a few days after telling the Verge that Flappy Bird was making about $50,000 a day on average from advertisements.
January 29, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Changes to the Apple Store website appear to indicate that the Cupertino tech giant is now placing more importance on Apple TV, a product Chief Executive Tim Cook has referred to as a "hobby" many times before. When Apple updated its store website to include Valentine's Day specials this week, it also added a new section dedicated entirely to Apple TV, 9to5Mac reported. Previously, Apple TV was hidden away on the website within the accessories page of the iPod section. PHOTOS: Top 10 tech fails of 2013 After the website was updated this week, Apple TV now has a section to itself that includes accessories and support pages for the device, which is used to stream content from the Internet to watch on users' TVs. Recently, 9to5Mac also reported that the company is working on a new Apple TV set-top box that is set to release within the first half of 2014.
December 6, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez, This post has been corrected, as indicated below.
Apple has rolled out its "iBeacon" indoor location software at its 254 U.S. stores. The technology sends notifications to customers within the store with information that might be relevant to their interests. When enabled by the customer, iBeacon uses a Bluetooth connection to push a signal that detects iOS devices within its proximity. Depending on where customers are in the store, different iBeacon devices will send targeted messages to the customer. For example, iBeacon will be able to notify customers when their product order is ready.
December 6, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple made headlines Friday by announcing iBeacon, new software that pushes notifications to users as they walk around the company's retail stores. But what is iBeacon and how exactly does it work? Essentially iBeacon is nothing more than software that any Apple iOS device, such as the iPhone and iPad, is capable of using. PHOTOS: Top 10 ways to take advantage of the 'sharing economy' IBeacon doesn't track users. IOS devices using iBeacon simply send out signals through Bluetooth, similar to the way sonar works on submarines.
December 1, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple Stores around the globe are sporting red versions of the company's logo Sunday in honor of World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day is observed annually on Dec. 1 and is intended to draw awareness to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Besides changing their logos, many of Apple's stores have also dedicated some of their display tables to Product (RED) versions of Apple many items. When customers purchase Product (RED) Apple gadgets, the company donates a portion of the purchase to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.
November 22, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
The new iPad mini with Retina display is still quite hard to find and generally only available through Apple's online store.  However, in a sign that the rollout of the product may be expanding in time for the Black Friday holiday shopping frenzy, an analyst reports that the device can now be found for purchase in some New York City Apple stores.  Need a laugh? Let this website come up with your next Facebook status "Three weeks after the iPad Air became available at Apple Retail Stores, the iPad mini with Retina Display has made its way to a few Apple Retail Stores in NYC for walk-in customers, possibly portending a wider rollout in the U.S. and around the world over the next week," wrote Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White in a note to clients Friday.  Even before Apple unveiled the new version of the iPad mini with the higher-resolution display last month, analysts had expected it would be in short supply this holiday season.
December 6, 2012 | By Chris O'Brien
It felt a bit anti-climatic after a blistering day of Apple news courtesy of Chief Executive Tim Cook, including a lengthy interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, and lots of teasers from NBC in recent days. But tonight, finally, Cook's interview with NBC's Brian Williams aired.  The big news had already spilled out: Apple plans to begin manufacturing some Macs in the U.S. next year. But if you missed the segment, the transcript is still worth a read. And we'll update with the full video after NBC posts it. In the meantime, here's the transcript from the Thursday night segment of NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams": TRACK 1 Nobody remembers the guy who came after Thomas Edison.
July 12, 2010 | By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times
Texting and typing are replacing the elaborate strokes that make up written Chinese. And when it comes time to jot down a few words, more Chinese are realizing they can't remember exactly how. For Ma Silang, the long descent into forgetfulness began after he graduated from high school, went off to London for three years to study photography and bought his first computer. Now the 30-year-old fashion photographer, a native Beijinger, has such difficulty writing in his mother tongue that the other day when he was scribbling a shopping list for himself he suddenly realized that he had forgotten one of two characters that make up the Chinese word for "shampoo."
November 14, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
People love iPhones about as much as they hate paying taxes, and that's exactly why the Christiana Mall Apple Store in Newark, Del., claims to sell more iPhones than any of the tech giant's other retail shops. Delaware has no sales tax, which makes buying an iPhone in the nation's first state cheaper than it is in others. The Christiana Mall is also situated just off of I-95, the main highway connecting the East Coast states. Those two factors combine to make the Christiana Mall Apple Store a mecca for shoppers looking to purchase iPhones for cheap.
October 28, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Something big and mysterious is being built in San Francisco Bay, and according to two reports, Google is behind the project. A multistory structure is under construction on a barge off of Hangar 3 at Treasure Island, a former Navy base, and the project has been drawing attention thanks to the tight security surrounding it. CNET looked extensively into the mysterious structure and fo und an interesting connection to...
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