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February 28, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
For the next week, customers who buy an Apple TV at one of the tech giant's retail stores will reportedly receive a $25 iTunes gift card as part of a promotion that could signal a new Apple TV is on its way. Apple news website 9to5Mac reported that Apple informed its retail employees about the promotion Friday morning. The bonus of a $25 gift card will be available to customers who buy a $99 Apple TV at an Apple Store between now and March 5, the report said. In the world of tech, discounts and promotions can often be signs that a newer version of a product will soon be rolled out. PHOTOS: Five ways the Samsung Gear 2 is better than its predecessor That was the case earlier this month when the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was heavily discounted by two retailers.
August 9, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Perhaps feeling pressure from Apple and Google, Roku has added a feature that streams video from users' phones to their TV sets. Users with the Roku iOS app for the iPhone and iPad can send video that they've recorded with their device over to their Roku digital player. The player will then show the video on the TV that it is connected to. The feature is similar to others available on the Apple TV and Google Chromecast, but it is far more limited. PHOTOS: How Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku compare Apple TV users can use AirPlay to send video from their Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, to their TVs. This can be content that they recorded or video from apps, including YouTube and HBO GO. Additionally, the feature can be used to show the device's screen on the TV, which is handy tool for giving presentations.
April 23, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
New code found within Apple's software seems to indicate the tech giant will be bringing its Siri voice assistant to the next version of the Apple TV, a report Wednesday said. That may mean that Apple will compete against the new $99 Amazon Fire TV for customers on the high-end of the video-streaming market. The Amazon Fire TV was announced and released earlier this month. It can stream audio and video from services such as Netflix and Pandora the same way other gadgets in this market do. But unlike many of its rivals, the Fire TV also comes with voice search and the ability to play video games.
September 9, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
We're less than 24 hours away from Apple's "special event" Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. It's slated to be a smaller event than usual, but with a twist: There's another media event scheduled for Beijing just nine hours later.  Here's a rundown on the latest rumors: Full Coverage: Apple iPhone event Gold iPhone: It may sound trivial, but gold, or "champagne" as some have called it, is one of the most popular...
March 4, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Roku has announced a new device for its lineup: the $49.99 Streaming Stick. The device is a small stick that users can plug into the back of their HD TVs through the HDMI port to stream video content from the Internet. The Streaming Stick must also connect to an electrical outlet or the USB port of a TV for power. "This new tiny player plugs discreetly into an HDMI port -- perfect for those beautiful wall-mounted TVs -- and packs the complete Roku streaming experience," Roku said in a blog Tuesday .  VIDEO: Unboxing the Quirky Spotter multipurpose sensor   The Streaming Stick comes with the same features as the $49.99 Roku 1 but is faster than that device and is also a lot smaller.
May 17, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times
It's not enough these days to wonder what to watch on your TV; a growing question for many is how to watch. Just like any device in your life, TVs can now connect to the Internet. This lets you grab shows from the Internet and watch content whenever you want. Most new TVs come with the ability to connect to the Internet, but there are a number of ways to easily turn an existing TV into a so-called smart TV. Here's a primer. The simplest way to do so is to connect a TV to a laptop or computer using either a VGA or HDMI cable.
May 31, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Apple Inc. said Google Inc.'s YouTube Internet video site will soon be available on its Apple TV set-top box. Starting in mid-June, Apple TV will stream videos wirelessly from the Internet on YouTube, the company said. Thousands of the most current and popular YouTube videos will be available then, it said.
January 10, 2012 | By David Sarno, Los Angeles Times
At the Consumer Electronics Show, models walked around with large, lightweight flat-screen televisions showing vivid nature scenes, executives waved next-generation "magic" remote controls and audiences were treated to demonstrations of massive, wall-size TVs. On Wall Street, Apple Inc. pulled off its own TV trick as its stock hit a record high. Though the Cupertino, Calif., iPhone maker didn't attend the CES, Apple cast a huge shadow over the world's largest personal electronics show Monday as rumors continued to spread that it had its own TV in the works.
May 29, 2012 | By David Sarno
Apple Inc. is so secretive about its unreleased phones, tablets, computers and -- potentially -- TVs, that you could almost say that the phrase "notoriously secretive" has become an unofficial Apple slogan. But it's not quite true that Apple keeps everything in a lockbox. The flip side of the company's obsession with secrecy is that its leaders have learned how to use the fact vacuum to their advantage. While the company never discloses product details ahead of time, its executives do drop not-too-subtle hints about upcoming gadgets, sparking weeks of speculation until the next morsel is dropped.
March 29, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
There's more buzz being generated around the expected Apple "iTV" after the electronics giant was granted a new patent and one of its key suppliers in Asia struck a major investment deal. Apple has been awarded a patent for a technology called Fringe Field Switching, along with 18 other patents , according to the website Patently Apple. The new patent may be for an iteration of a technology that is currently behind the iMac computer screens but can accommodate larger displays such as those on home TVs. Patently Apple also said the patent includes the mention of a technology called Ultra-FFS TFT-LCD, which seems to indicate Apple may be considering the use of touch screens on their rumored HD TV sets.
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