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December 12, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple iTV rumors are getting back into full swing following a report saying the company is checking out several designs for a high-resolution television set. The Cupertino-based tech company is sharing the designs with some of its suppliers, including Foxconn, which puts together the iPhone, and Sharp, the Wall Street Journal reported. "It isn't a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing," one of the report's unnamed sources said. PHOTOS: Top 10 tech products of 2012 According to the report, Apple has been testing television prototypes for a number of years, but has finally begun expanding its tests to include its supply chain partners.
September 11, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
After many months of waiting and speculating, we're finally on the eve of what could be Apple's announcement of the iPhone 5. But what exactly will the phone include? And is the iPhone 5 the only thing Apple will announce? You can never be too sure with Apple, but here's what we think you can expect from the tech giant on Wednesday in San Francisco. iPhone 5 Expect Apple to announce the iPhone 5. After disappointing people with the iPhone 4S last year, which was basically just a software update with some internal improvements, Apple will likely make a splash with the next iPhone.
April 17, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple, known for its strict stance against pornography in the U.S., is being investigated for spreading porn in China. The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant was named in an article appearing Wednesday in China's People's Daily newspaper for allegedly providing pornography in the country, where the government actively censors such material to keep it off of its Internet. This is Apple's second run-in with China's state-run TV and newspapers since the start of 2013. A few weeks ago, Chief Executive Tim Cook had to post an apology on the company's Chinese website, promising better warranty and repair policies for its Chinese users after coming under criticism by the country's media.
July 28, 2012 | By Andrea Chang
Apple, looking to boost its social media presence, may be considering a stake in micro-blogging site Twitter, according to the New York Times. But according to the Wall Street Journal, that was so a year ago -- and nothing came of the talks. The differing views came to light late Friday, with the Times saying people briefed on the matter said Apple "has talked with Twitter in recent months" about making a strategic investment in it. The paper said Apple had considered an investment "in the hundreds of millions of dollars, one that could value Twitter at more than $10 billion.
September 20, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
One of the great new features on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 is a new app called Passbook, but for a lot of people who updated their devices with the new operating system, the app simply won't work. In theory, Passbook will let you keep digital passes in one location. When you open the app, you get a screen saying you can use Passbook to store digital copies of flight boarding passes, event tickets and coupons. Target on Thursday announced it would support mobile coupons on Passbook.
June 2, 2011
In the last decade, Apple made the 99-cent download the standard unit of music sales. Now, Apple is reportedly poised to try a second transformation, enticing music fans to store songs online — "in the cloud" — instead of on a hard drive. If the company's iCloud helps persuade the masses to embrace cloud-based services, that could help reverse more than a decade of sliding music sales. That's a big "if," however, and much depends on the labels' willingness to change. The shift from physical CDs to digital files has been a mixed blessing for the music industry, opening the door to rampant online piracy as well as promising new business models.
December 21, 2012 | By Chris O'Brien
Thanks to sales of the iPhone 5, Apple has now seized 53% of the U.S. market for smartphones, according to a report by  Kantar Worldpanel ComTech .  That's a new peak in terms of percentage for Apple. And it comes at the expense of Google's Android mobile operating system.  Apple's 53% share is up from 35.8% a year ago. Android has seen its share in the U.S. drop from 52.8% last year to 41.9.%. RIM, makers of the BlackBerry, saw its share evaporate, from 7% to 1.4%. Windows showed a glimmer of hope, with its share rising from 2.1% to 2.8%, with the official release of Windows Phone 8 in October.
February 23, 2012 | By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
Apple's iPad has been cleared for sale after a Shanghai court turned down a sales injunction request made by Proview Technology as the two companies argue over who owns the rights to the iPad trademarked name. The dispute between Apple and Proview is one that is playing out in multiple Chinese courts, with some rulings going Apple's way and others being decided in Proview's favor. The Shanghai decision is the latest in the complicated and messy dispute between the two companies.
September 12, 2012
Apple is holding a press event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday to announce a gaggle of gadgets, including a new iPhone. Technology writer Andrea Chang is live-tweeting the event. The coverage will include tweets from other writers at the Los Angeles Times as they weigh in on the announcements, expected to start at 10 a.m. PDT, and get reaction from analysts and Apple observers. The Tech Now blog will also publish posts as news happens, so check back with us to see what's new with the iPhone and how it stacks up against the competition.
April 17, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
Apple's stock sank 5.6% in midday trading on Wednesday following a report from a key supplier that indicated sales could be slowing. On Tuesday, Cirrus Logic, which supplies audio chips for iPhones and iPads, said sales of one of its chips was slipping . That led investors and some analysts to infer that Apple sales were also sliding, spooking shareholders one week before the company is scheduled to report earnings.   TIMELINE: Following Apple in 2012 Apple's stock fell 5.6% or $23.89 to $402.35 just after 12:30 p.m. EDT. Apple stock has not closed below $400 since late 2011.
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