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August 19, 2012
Re "Affirming affirmative action," Editorial, Aug. 16 Affirmative action was right for the fire departments and military academies that had historically excluded qualified applicants because of their race. Race-based affirmative action policies in the pursuit of diversity and multiculturalism, however, have no place in university admissions. These policies discriminate against white applicants by granting a wholesale preference to all members of a minority group. A university should be a meritocracy, not a demographic mirror of society.
May 23, 2010 | By Martin Eichner
Question: After weeks of viewing potential apartments, my boyfriend and I finally found a place we both love. When we paid the application fees and turned in our application, the rental agent threw a wrench into the process. He said that because we were not married, each of our incomes would have to be equal to or greater than three times the rent in order to qualify. I tried to point out that this requirement was unfair, but the agent said company policy was very clear for unmarried couples.
September 9, 1987 | MARTHA L. WILLMAN, Times Staff Writer
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Tuesday ordered Glendale to immediately halt its drug-abuse screening program for job applicants and city employees seeking promotions. In a suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Judge Jerry Fields ruled that Glendale's drug- and alcohol-testing program violates both the right to privacy provision of the state Constitution and the right against unreasonable searches and seizures provided in the U.S. Constitution.
February 23, 2010 | By David G. Savage
After skeptical questioning of a Chicago city attorney, the Supreme Court justices sounded Monday as though they would rule that the city must pay millions of dollars in damages to black aspiring firefighters who were screened out by a hiring test given in the 1990s. Defending the city, deputy corporation counsel Benna Solomon argued that Chicago chose to offer jobs to those who had the highest scores on the firefighters exam. And she said the disappointed black applicants did not sue as required in the year after the city posted the test results.
June 15, 2012 | By Michelle Maltais
Some of the next steps as .com makes room for a flurry of new generic domains such as .baby, .Lexus, .AARP will make you scratch your head. The question of how to pick which applications get first consideration will be settled by jumping through a set of hoops in an little bit of online Olympics. The event to figure who gets first dibs: "digital archery. " It all actually sounds more like something out of a game show than a formal business application process. Ultimately, the fastest clickers will get placed in the first group to be officially reviewed.
June 28, 1997
Applications for $300 to $1,000 grants to buy and plant trees are available from the Tree Society of Orange County. The program began three years ago to beautify urban landscapes, society officials said. Those considered eligible applicants include parent-teacher associations, ecology and garden clubs, scout troops, boys and girls clubs, nonprofit organizations and church-affiliated groups.
October 27, 1997 | KATHLEEN DOHENY
In California, phlebotomists who draw blood for lab testing must be trained and issued a certificate by the training physician or clinical laboratory bioanalyst in charge of the program, according to state regulations, or they can take state-approved college or university courses or other approved training programs. Applicants to the school programs are advised to ask to see the school's approval letter from the state of California.
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