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August 18, 2009 | Harriet Ryan
A judge Monday approved a merchandising agreement expected to deliver $15 million to Michael Jackson's estate but postponed a ruling on a deal for three-city tour of memorabilia because of objections by the pop icon's mother. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff set a Friday hearing to allow Katherine Jackson's attorneys to call witnesses and present evidence highlighting what they say are weaknesses in the proposed deal between the singer's estate and concert promoter AEG Live.
September 4, 2009 | Patrick McGreevy and Eric Bailey
In a rare showing of bipartisan unity, the state Assembly approved a proposal to keep nearly 700,000 children from being pushed off a government health insurance program for the working poor. The measure brokered by Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) barely passed in the state Senate a day earlier but sailed to an easy victory in the lower house on a 62-5 vote. Bass called the resounding victory for the state's Healthy Families program -- achieved with the support of 13 Republicans who joined the majority Democrats -- one of the most heartening votes in a year beset by partisan squabbling.
June 12, 1989
The National Football League has adopted a measure that denies prospective owners the right to make substantial changes in a franchise before the league approves the new ownership. The Dallas Morning News reported that some officials are calling the measure "The Jerry Jones Rule," in honor of the new Dallas Cowboy owner who purchased the team from H.R. (Bum) Bright on Feb. 25 and immediately made sweeping changes before receiving league approval on April 18.
May 2, 1992
It is ironic that on Earth Day, our town fathers in Port Hueneme passed a proposal to tax our beaches, destroy our endangered plants and wildlife, and pollute our air and water--all for the "mighty buck" ("City Approves Beachfront RV Park," April 23) What a wonderful example to show our children and future generations. EVELYN FEDER Port Hueneme
July 28, 2000
Re "Inmate Terms Are Cheap Fuel for Davis' Ambition," Commentary, July 23: I suspect that Gov. Gray Davis received very bad political advice that resulted in his illogical and inhuman stance against approving releases for any second-degree murderers, no matter how deserving. As a Democrat and a Catholic he should govern with a heart and represent the unfortunate as well as the uninformed masses. Let's hope that he takes the opportunity of the court decisions in the Rosenkrantz case to save face and modify his policy to one in which he approves decisions made by his own Board of Prison Terms.
February 21, 1999
Re letter published Feb. 10 expressing approval for law enforcement cameras at intersections. It is obvious to me that this letter writer hasn't thought the matter through, considering the possibilities for growing and compounded abuses. No sensible person approves of people running red lights or stop signs. But using Orwellian methods like cameras to record offenders, while seemingly a mild and innocuous way of dealing with the problem, is at best an arrogant and at worst a sinister answer with far-reaching implications.
It was just another tragedy in family court. A young crack mother, desperate to conceal her pregnancy, had locked herself in a tenement bathroom and given birth to a three-pound boy. As she pushed, he fell to the floor and broke his skull. The mother abandoned him, like she had two previous babies. All were born addicted to crack. "Can we do anything about this woman?" asks Judge Judith Sheindlin, her voice taut with anger.
May 18, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
The Board of Supervisors approved a program to monitor high-risk people on probation, such as sex offenders, with cellphones and ankle bands that serve as global-positioning trackers. Irvine-based Sentinel Offender Services also will provide GPS tracking, plus electronic radio monitoring for low-risk offenders, through 2008. County officials said its probation department is the first in the state to use GPS.
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