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January 23, 2007 | Hugh Pope, HUGH POPE is the author of "Sons of the Conquerors: the Rise of the Turkic World." He lives in Istanbul.
IS THERE A CURSE hanging over Turkey? Each time the country achieves sustained development, something trips it up. This time it was the assassination on Friday of Hrant Dink, a newspaper editor, peacemaker and one of Turkey's most prominent Armenians. Turkey is trying to rise to the challenge, as its credibility in talks on membership in the European Union is at stake. Denunciations of the slaying -- from the government, from Islamic leaders, from the army -- fill the airwaves.
May 10, 1991
The special envoy sent to Baghdad by U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar has brought back word that Saddam Hussein flatly refuses to allow any international police force to be stationed in northern Iraq.
February 20, 1986 | RONALD L. SOBLE, Times Staff Writer
The Simon Wiesenthal Center's planned Museum of Tolerance in West Los Angeles will operate independently of Yeshiva University and "in a non-sectarian manner" under terms of a settlement to a lawsuit announced Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union and the private group. The suit, filed last October in Los Angeles Superior Court by the ACLU on behalf of David J.
July 24, 2003 | Susan King
Final Destination 2 A.J. Cook, Ali Larter New Line, $27 Fans of bloody, R-rated horror films will get a kick out of the gleefully gruesome scenes in this better-than-average sequel to the 2000 hit thriller. Just as in the original, someone has a vision of a horrible accident and ends up disrupting death's plans. But there is no stopping the grim reaper and an extremely violent rampage ensues.
August 29, 1987 | MARCIDA DODSON, Times Staff Writer
A Southern California group of Turkish-Americans has launched a campaign to defeat proposed legislation that would have California schoolchildren learn about the Armenian genocide during World War I. The American-Turkish Assn. of Southern California and its parent national organization, the Assembly of Turkish-Armenian Assns.
October 12, 2007 | Jane Harman, Jane Harman (D-Venice) represents California's 36th Congressional District.
As one whose own family was decimated by the Holocaust, I respond very personally to charges that I would deny the existence of savage acts of inhumanity against a group of people because of ethnic, religious or racial differences -- be they Jews, Darfurians, Rwandans or Armenians. Yet that's exactly what I was accused of last week after I sent a letter to Rep.
January 21, 2007 | Jonathan Abrams, Times Staff Writer
Members of Los Angeles' vast Armenian American community gathered outside the Turkish Consulate on Saturday to condemn the killing of prominent newspaper editor Hrant Dink, who was shot Friday on a downtown street in Istanbul after repeated run-ins with Turkish authorities. Dink, who ran Turkey's only Armenian-language newspaper, clashed with Turkish officials over the government's denial of the Armenian genocide, the killing of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey starting in 1915.
September 13, 1987 | ROBERT BURNS, Associated Press
At Turkey's 9th Corps headquarters in this rugged outpost, Maj. Baha Ozyukseler traces a route on a map running southwest from the Soviet border 100 miles away through a maze of mountain valleys toward the Mediterranean Sea. "That would be the main avenue of approach," he said, talking of how the Soviet army would come in an invasion.
May 6, 1986 | JOHN BALZAR, Times Political Writer
With the campaign for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination now down to the final month, Reps. Bobbi Fiedler and Ed Zschau turned on each other Monday in an edgy, two-round debate that delved into sex, drugs and the pitfalls and rewards of political consistency.
May 27, 2001 | REGINA MARLER, Regina Marler is the author of "Bloomsbury Pie: The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom."
In a surge of critical severity at the start of his career, Angus Wilson told a BBC radio audience that the purpose of "The Novel" was to account for the presence of evil in the world. Even then, I suspect, few listeners paused at the kitchen sink, squeezing out the last of the green Fairy Liquid, to murmur their assent, but 50 years on, it's obvious that we expect much, much less from the genre.
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