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January 5, 1985
As a Pac-10 fan, I'm tired of the arrogance and insolence of USC in declaring that somehow the Rose Bowl belongs to them. The annual appearance in the Rose Bowl belongs to the Pac-10 champion, whoever that may be. The USC arrogance was evident after the team's narrow victory over Ohio State. The Trojans acted as if it was a rout, even though they were outgained by Ohio State by 140 yards. Instead of being so arrogant, USC had better pay more attention to academics. A USC professor was quoted in a national magazine a while back that less than 20% of the black football players graduate.
August 26, 2007
Re " 'Contempt' is the word," editorial, Aug. 22 I say amen to the editorial about a White House steeped in arrogance and mocking the very concept of checks and balances by constantly claiming executive privilege. When will someone in Congress get a spine and defend our Constitution by holding this administration accountable?
November 16, 1986
If it was "arrogance" that led Bird to decline Zimmerman's offer to devise an emotional, negative, mudslinging campaign for her, then I only wish I could see more such "arrogance" among California's public officials. The chief justice's refusal to stoop to the level of her Republican detractors was a singularly refreshing example of personal integrity in an election year marred by the most unprincipled and vulgar television campaigning in recent memory. Instead of blaming Bird for her own defeat, Zimmerman should point the accusing finger right where it belongs--at an electorate characterized by willful ignorance and intellectual laziness on a monumental scale.
September 11, 2004
Being already familiar with Michael Moore's unmatched arrogance and self-adoration, we are not surprised that he thinks that his lying movie with the stolen name should be up there for best picture ("Moore Wants '9/11' Up for Best Picture," by Robert W. Welkos, Sept. 8). It belongs in the category of horror fantasies. Batya Dagan Los Angeles
July 18, 1991
It seems that the surfers at Lunada Bay have taken the art of self-absorption to new plateaus. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of their behavior is the total lack of remorse, based on a nebulous "spiritual" justification for their assaults on outsiders. Does such arrogance evolve only from their selfish upbringing, or is it something in the air or water near Palos Verdes? TERRY L. STEED Thousand Oaks
October 10, 1992
I confess. I responded to Perot's simple, homespun sound bites. I wanted to believe. Then, I listened to what was behind the words and was disappointed. I heard a man who portrays himself as the drafted knight in shining armor to save the dismal colonies. As he begged with belligerence for the masses to twist his arm, an ugly arrogance emerged. Sorry Perot, we already have a demigod and don't need another. GAIL WILSON Anaheim
July 3, 1987
The irritation I have felt when reading your death penalty editorials has grown to outrage, in the face of your continuing, persistent arrogance on this issue. You are not wiser than the rest of us, you are not more rational, you are not more moral or just. You are wrong, and the great majority of your readers are fed up with your self-righteous twaddle! GREGORY J. WAHL Santa Barbara
September 23, 1988
It is perfectly in keeping with George Will's arrogance that he should watch Michael Dukakis and see, as he has said (Op-Ed Page, Sept. 7), a self-satisfied scold. He may be seeing Dukakis, but the voice he is hearing is his own. He is attempting to project away his own most tiresome fault. OCTAVIA E. BUTLER Los Angeles
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