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Art School

January 31, 1987 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
Capturing the soul of Woodland Hills is quite a feat. And capturing the soles of Woodland Hills means quite a few feet. Jill Ann Field is doing both as she paints a mural on a quarter-mile-long wooden safety wall around a high-rise construction site. Field is letting Warner Center office workers and neighborhood joggers step into her illustration by painting images of their feet as they pass the building site at 21550 Oxnard St.
May 3, 1992
Publicizing Chaka's hopes for financial aid to attend Cal State Northridge baffled my mind. Has this man considered the amount of money he has cost state and local government to continue to process him through the legal system? Add the cost to undo the damage he inflicted. We enjoyed a temporary respite from his "tagging" sprees while he was incarcerated (yet another considerable expense) and now he wants financial aid for art school. Ha! However, there may be a solution to satisfy all of us staunch, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens: Calculate the amount of money Daniel (Chaka)
June 7, 2012 | By Jasmine Elist, Los Angeles Times
When it comes to home decorating on a budget, art options get generic pretty fast. Between mass-produced images of Marilyn Monroe or New York City's taxicabs sold at big box retail stores, the works covering the walls of people's homes aren't chosen because they're particularly fresh or unique but because they are affordable and accessible. In the hopes of providing a more interesting alternative, recent University of Michigan graduates and 24-year-old L.A. natives Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein co-founded the Tappan Collective, an online gallery selling original work by emerging artists.
October 16, 2012 | By Jori Finkel
Michael Asher, the groundbreaking L.A. conceptual artist and veteran CalArts teacher, died Sunday night after a long illness. He was 69. A teacher at CalArts since the early 1970s, Asher was famous in the classroom for his wit and candor -- and also his endurance. His marathon "crit" (critique) sessions, designed to review student work, could by his own account run from 10 a.m. to midnight. "I throw away the clock," he once told me. His own artwork is often described as institutional critique or engagement -- work that grows out of the particular conditions of a museum or gallery environment.
July 15, 2001
I read Christopher Knight's article about the plight of art schools with some amusement ("Art for School's Sake," July 8). I was one of those who would have loved the chance to learn technique. Instead, I paid hundreds of dollars a unit at a "Good" (by his definition) art school, where students "are encouraged from the first day to stop thinking of themselves as students and to start thinking of themselves as working artists." In this atmosphere of self-indulgence and self-importance, we "learned" to paint using house paint on butcher paper and other such useless exercises.
April 11, 2011 | Joanna Clay
Drivers on Laguna Canyon Road may have noticed that an Orange County landmark is missing. The Laguna College of Art & Design mural that graced the side of the Laguna Canyon Winery is now a plain gray wall. The mural was painted over by the winery owner who apparently did not recognize its significance. The mural was one of six in the city that were designed and painted by art school students in 2003. It was the largest mural by the college and in Orange County, mural instructor Mia Tavonatti said.
April 7, 1996
In his letter of Feb. 4, David Dunlap said he couldn't see spending $497.01 on a trip to Bisbee, Ariz., which was the subject of a Weekend Escape by Lisa Marlowe ("Red-Rock Victorian," Jan. 15). I can understand his comments--Bisbee is not bright lights and fancy hotels and couldn't lure a young soldier from Ft. Huachuca for any amount. I, on the other hand, considered the cost reasonable. I left Bisbee 56 years ago, and I had a wonderful time reminiscing. I remember my childhood days at Franklin School (gone now)
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