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Asian Studies

March 24, 1989 | From a Times Staff Writer
The White House today will announce the nomination of Richard Solomon as assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs, which would put him squarely in the middle of the FSX fighter plane dispute and other trade battles with Japan, Administration sources said. Solomon, formerly director of the State Department's Policy and Planning Bureau, speaks fluent Chinese and has a highly regarded academic reputation in Asian studies. The East Asia job was expected to go to Richard L.
January 23, 1989 | From Reuters
Australians have reached the conclusion that "G'day, mate. How's it going," followed by a hearty slap on the back, is no way to do business in Asia. The blunt greeting has been an endearing formula for winning contracts in many parts of the world. But in Asia, it can be as insulting as a slap in the face. Australians are now being encouraged to try the more subtle approach of learning Asian languages and culture.
April 5, 1987
From Monterey Park to Diamond Bar, unprecedented numbers of Asian newcomers are dramatically changing life in the San Gabriel Valley. Their presence has brought about profound changes in the way schools, police and city halls conduct their business. In a series beginning today and Monday on Page 1 of The Times and continuing for two weeks in the San Gabriel Valley section, The Times reports on these demographic and social changes.
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