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March 11, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
President Barack Obama's appearance on Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die Web series "Between Two Ferns" is the viral video of the day, but while your friends on Facebook may be laughing, not everyone is into the joke. Especially those on the White House press beat. During the daily briefing with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, ABC News' Jim Avila questioned whether the appearance had damaged the "dignity" of the office of the president. According to the political website Talking Points Memo , Avila asked, "How much discussion was there in the White House about the dignity of the office and whether or not, in order to reach these people who don't watch us at 6:30, or who don't watch this briefing.
March 10, 2014 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski and Randy Lewis
Apple Inc. has begun pressuring the major record companies to offer new releases exclusively through its iTunes store - a move that would initially block availability on streaming services such as Spotify or Beats Music, according to several people familiar with the matter. Apple executives contend that on-demand music services have begun to cannibalize download sales, and its representatives are demanding the labels create a period reserved for digital purchasing. Music industry insiders, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from the industry's dominant retailer, said Apple's push for a new release window - similar to the one that some Hollywood studios impose for films newly released for home viewing - shows the Cupertino, Calif., tech giant is scrambling to retain its competitive advantage in an evolving digital music market.
March 8, 2014 | By Kevin Baxter
Less than two months after taking over as the caretaker coach at Chivas USA, Wilmer Cabrera enters the new Major League Soccer season opener battling something no coach has faced there in years. Expectations. With moody and mercurial owner Jorge Vergara gone after being bought out by the league last month, the team and its few remaining fans have some reason to hope after four seasons in which Chivas lost more than twice as many games as it won. And while Cabrera doesn't want to dampen that enthusiasm, he is pleading for a little patience and perspective.
March 6, 2014 | By Ricardo Lopez
A partnership between Mattel's Barbie and the Girl Scouts is under fire by two advocacy groups who say the deal harms young girls.  Announced in August , the partnership introduced a new Girl Scouts patch for Daisies and Brownies -- girls in kindergarten through third grade -- which features the Barbie logo and the slogan: "Be anything, Do everything. " The partnership is intended to promote a variety of careers Girl Scouts can explore.  The two groups --the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for a New American Dream -- criticized the move.
March 5, 2014 | By Houston Mitchell
The Ducks traded winger Dustin Penner to the Capitals on Tuesday, leaving him scrambling for a place to live in Washington while he joins his new team. Maybe he knows someone who lives in a spacious house than might be able to let him crash through the end of the season? Something close to the major sites?   . @BarackObama hey i know this is last minute & I hate asking on such short notice but can I crash for a few days? I'm great with kids - Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25)
March 2, 2014 | By Samantha Schaefer
Detectives are asking for the public's help in finding a man believed to be connected to a North Hollywood homicide, the Los Angeles Police Department said. Officers responded to a call in the 7100 block of Coldwater Canyon Avenue about 11:30 a.m. Saturday and found the body of a 39-year-old woman, said LAPD Officer Sally Madera. HOMICIDE REPORT: A story for every victim Police are searching for Herman Escobar Archila, who has not officially been named a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to contact North Hollywood homicide detectives at (818)
February 27, 2014 | By David Zahniser
A Los Angeles citizen commission launched a three-month effort Thursday to find ways of improving voter turnout in the city, where fewer than 1 out of 4 voters has been casting ballots in recent municipal elections. The nine-member Municipal Elections Reform Commission has been asked to come up with a series of recommendations by mid-May, a schedule that is designed to give the City Council enough time to put proposals on the November election ballot. Turnout in last May's election -- which included contests for mayor, city attorney, city controller and a handful of City Council and school board seats -- was 23.3%.
February 27, 2014 | By Frank Shyong
Avonne Penaflor and Anna Lim entered the doors of the Sriracha factory in Irwindale, took a deep breath and started to giggle. They had caught wind of an odor that has allegedly inflamed respiratory conditions, launched lawsuits and made legions of fans hungry. "It's very nice, actually," said Lim, 38, of Azusa. Huy Fong Foods, the creator of Sriracha hot sauce, has been closed to the public for more than 30 years, fearing that competitors would steal trade secrets. But after months of Irwindale residents and city officials accusing the sauce maker of flooding their city with an offensive spicy odor, the notoriously private company has thrown open its doors.
February 27, 2014 | By Maura Dolan
SAN FRANCISCO - A Northern California high school that asked students to remove American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo acted reasonably to avoid igniting ethnic tensions, a federal appeals court ruled unanimously Thursday. The ruling stemmed from a 2010 incident that provoked angry commentary across the country and a lawsuit by students claiming their constitutional rights had been violated. In siding with the Morgan Hill Unified School District, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said administrators at Live Oak School had reason to fear the flag attire might spark a potentially violent race-related disturbance during the school-sanctioned celebration of the Mexican holiday.
February 26, 2014 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski
The advocacy group Consumers Union is urging federal regulators to scrutinize the deal struck between cable giant Comcast Corp. and the Internet streaming service Netflix. Netflix agreed to pay to directly connect to Comcast's network to improve the video quality of movies and TV shows streamed to subscribers, after many complained about deteriorating quality. Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports magazine, called on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and U.S. Atty.
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