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February 22, 2002
Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, who is running for a fourth term, describes herself as a "fairly opinionated" person--a self-assessment that supporters would translate as confident and energetic and critics as in-your-face and cranky. Molina admits that her style is "not one that creates comfort" and prides herself in not playing the game of politics, especially if politics means compromise.
February 24, 1991
"Re-Assessing When Home Prices Fall" by Jeanne Boyer (Feb. 3) was a mostly accurate and informative treatment of a complex issue. I want to clarify a few of the more elusive aspects of the article. If property owners believe the total assessed value on their current property tax bill is greater than what comparable properties are selling for in their neighborhoods, they should supply the Los Angeles County Assessor's Department with facts in writing. We'd appreciate at least three such examples.
April 12, 2008 | David Kelly, Times Staff Writer
Investigators with search warrants raided the offices of San Bernardino County Assessor Bill Postmus on Thursday night, carrying off an undisclosed number of computers and files. The district attorney's office, which conducted the raid, would not disclose its nature Friday. "The search warrants were served and the investigation is ongoing," spokeswoman Susan Mickey said. "We will provide more information when we are able." Postmus issued a statement saying his office was cooperating fully.
January 6, 2013
An audit of the L.A. County assessor's office delivers mostly common-sense recommendations to address the bribery controversy. The recommendations of a new audit of the Los Angeles County assessor's office are a responsible, if somewhat depressing, reaction to the controversy that has embroiled that department for months. Its top official, John Noguez, has been arrested and charged with accepting bribes from a tax consultant who was seeking reduced assessments for his client's properties, a charge that, as the audit notes, creates the impression that "the property tax system in Los Angeles County is being gamed by politically connected taxpayers.
April 24, 2000 | ZANTO PEABODY
The Los Angeles County assessor's office will open a regional office today in Sylmar. Chief Deputy Assessor Gary Townsend said the office will house assessors and appraisers from the Chatsworth and Van Nuys locations, which will close down when the Sylmar office opens. "For the average person, you will be able to get what you need, such as [property] ownership information, at the satellite offices," Townsend said. "You can really get most of what you want done over the phone.
The new district office of the county assessor, the first in years in the San Fernando Valley, will hold its grand opening ceremony today in Sylmar. Los Angeles County Assessor Rick Auerbach said the office, which has been in operation since April, makes it easier for Valley residents to gain information about property values and ownership, besides providing access to maps commonly used by real estate professionals.
March 8, 1986
Alexander Pope has no reversed himself again. Pope once said the assessor should be appointed, now he says the assessor should be elected. Where does Pope really stand. His last statement was that the county assessor should be elected in order to protect us taxpayers. If Pope is concerned for us taxpayers, they why is he abandoning us? Why is he running once again for another elective position? Why does he not stay in the position of trust to which we elected him? I must admit it is becoming more and more difficult to understand exactly what Pope stands for, or what he wants to do in public office.
January 12, 2005 | From Times Staff Reports
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday named Larry Ward the assessor-county clerk-recorder. Ward, 55, will fill the unexpired term of Gary Orso, who recently retired. The position will be up for election in 2006. Ward, who has worked for the county for 27 years, was most recently the assistant in charge of the clerk-recorder's office.
February 12, 1998 | RICHARD WARCHOL
Larry Matheney an assistant attorney in the county counsel's office, has become the first to announce his candidacy for the Ventura County assessor's seat. Matheney, who took out nomination papers Wednesday, is bidding to fill a seat being vacated by retiring Assessor Glenn Gray. Matheney, 51, has served as legal advisor to the assessor's office among his other duties for the last 13 years. He seeks to modernize the office.
January 30, 1998 | SHELBY GRAD
The Board of Supervisors will decide next week whether to reduce the salary of Assessor Bradley L. Jacobs for refusing to participate in a state program that could provide millions of dollars in additional resources to his office. Supervisors Charles V. Smith and William G. Steiner have said the threat of a salary cut might be the only way to convince Jacobs to cooperate. Jacobs could not be reached for comment.
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